A350 Bed rises and falls even during slow speeds

Here is a video.

Watch the corner against the Z arm, and it’s quite noticeable it goes up and down. Am I the only one seeing this?

Hey @NilartPax , no my SM2 works perfect, you checked the bed screws from below?

It’s important that assembled carefully, and step by step.
Then, update the firmware V1.7.1.1 and take the newest Luban 3.4.2 software.

And let us know.
Sorry when my english isn’t perfect.

check all taht things, if the error still occurs, send a message to snapmaker support.

regards Bilzer

No, everything is updated. The screws are tight. The rotation occurs even on the baseplates of the linear module.

then subscribe it to the support, they will send you a new Linear module.
Make a video just with the Linear module.

I’ve sent an email to support. @JKC20 @parachvte

Good morning,
I have exactly the same issue on my A350, it’s noticeable when the bed is changing direction, if you have a look at the furthest point on the bed, you will see the point rising and falling on any direction change.
It looks like it’s a minor play on the linear module which is amplified by the distance between the bracket between bed and linear module and the side of the bed itself.
When i print small parts on the middle of the bed, i’ve got no issue but when i print the same part in front or at the back of the bed, the result is different because of this play…
I’m interrested on the answer from the support.
PS: Sorry for my bad english, i’m French, be indulgent :wink:

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They had me disassemble some stuff and try to wiggle the module brackets. There is a small click in one of them, but they said it was okay.

I’ve reassbled it now, and honestly I’m trying to crank out PPE for people in my area so I just cut the number of things I was printing in half, to make it work, and will deal with this in a less serious time. Hopefully, as more poeple come forward with this problem, the SM team will take up the reigns on finding the root cause.

It’s a painful work around, but if you stick to the middle of the bed in the Y direction, I’ve found about 200cm in the Y is useable. So I’m using a rectangle 200x350… not bad, but does cut my output in half.

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Oh, and use @Tone 's leveling methodologies in this excel spreadsheet. It can really help:

This issue + bed levelling + noise … It’s a lot of issues for a single machine we’ve paied good money for … My bed is almost ruined because of bed leveling issue, i hope Snapmaker team will find the root cause and fix it in the next firmware because it’s now a 2.5 in 1 machine.

Yes I feel your pain. I like the sound, though it operates in a room with a closed door. It’s nice to be able to hear that it’s done! haha.
But I agree on the other two points. Contact support, maybe you will have a problem, or maybe it will be less bad after reassembly?

I have just sent an email to the support, hope it will be just a matter of tightening a hidden bolt somewhere in the linear. I need to continue to print face shield for medical people over here!!!


Update: They are sending a replacement module. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great news for you !!! :blush:
I hope it’s because a batch of linear modules were “less good” than others and it’s not a generic problem on any snapmaker 2 …
I’ll wait for the support to treat my request and let you know.
have a nice week end

Update, i have received 2 new modules for replacement and they are mounted and now it’s working well.
My only issue is, now , fedex are asking for 51 € fee because shipped item were not noted as RMA process …I’m a bit worried for this, paying for a RMA is not normal.

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I had the same problem as you but before shipping I ask them to not put the two linear module with value in the shipping invoice.
I had to pay 50€

The replacement linear model also helped me.