Official News

Snapmaker will post all the news officially under this category, including news and announcements about our company, products and events. Come and have a look here, and you’ll know what we are busy with lately.

Getting Started

This category will include topics that help you get started with Snapmaker, including manuals and tutorials, what models to start printing and other helpful resources.

Software and Firmware

This category is used to release downloads, share upgrades and offer help related to the software and firmware. We would love to know what you expect about the next version or anything that can improve user experience. =)


This category is for feedbacks regarding the assemble, hardware problems or quality and more here. Software feedback should be posted in the Software and Firmware category. Thank you!

Snapmaker Showcase

We’ll show you what the Snapmaker is capable of under this topic. If you have found a new talent of Snapmaker, show us here! There is no boundary for possibilities. Here is what we have found:

Cool Events

We will organize cool events from time to time. It may be on the internet such as a design competition, or off-line activities such as a meet-up so that Snapmaker users that live close to each other can communicate face to face.

New Products

This category is for discussion about our new products in the Explore New Products page on our website. We will improve these new products according to the discussions. Hopefully, when you receive the new product, it’s exactly what you want it to be.

Forum Feedback

This forum is the home to all our makers. We want you to feel comfortable here. Therefore, if there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or annoyed, or if you have good ideas about how to improve the forum, please share them with us. We are all ears!