Bed levelling problem right from the box

Hi guys,

after many months of waiting I finally received my SM 2.0 A350 today. The assembly was a joyful task
until I installed the 3D printhead and performed the automatic bed levelling as suggested by menu.
I suspect the problem is huge because when SM starts the procedure it begins the levelling from the front left and the centre and right, BUT that’s it. While the unit is trying to adjust the bed it stops and a horrific mechanical noice appear for 1 sec. from one of the Y linear module. Is there something I’ve done incorrectly while setting it up ? Is there something I should have done differently ? I have sent a message to Snapmaker support addressing the problem, but wanted to get your opinion too. Any similar problems among users?

I guess there are two major options:

  • a mistake was made during assembly
  • one of the linear modules is broken (out of the box)

(or a combination of both)

If power is turned off completely, can you move the bed by pushing it with your hands?
Do both linear modules move when the bed isn’t mounted?
Do they move at the same speed?

Maybe you should post a picture

Hi again,

I took the heated bed off and with the control moved the frame in XYZ directions. Everything else works but when I moved the frame to the position showed in the picture I cannot move it back. Pushing home position won’t work either. Y-linear modules can be moved by hand when power is switched off. I assume they move at the same speed - it seems the Y-linear modules only move in one direction.

Make sure all cables are plugged in properly. Also unmount the aluminum frame on both y-rails and see if they make sure they move OK.

As you already contacted support, make a video of what is happening and add that to your ticket. They will ask you to provide images and video anyway. You might have bad luck and have gotten a bad linear module. Or it could have been damaged in transport.

I checked all the connections and cables and unmounted the aluminum frame. They both move in a consistent and even manner - but only in one direction and I cannot move the back with the control

Well, I have made videos and sent them to support. We’ll se what they come up with…

I hope they’ll get back to you soon. Haven’t seen a similar issue on the forum yet.

but it doesn’t sound like a problem with the modules then if both of them are “stuck” in one direction.
You could swap the z-axis modules and y-axis modules (don’t have to unmount anything, just switch the cables coming from the modules.

If the problem then also switches from one axis to the other you know for sure it’s not the module but either it’s in the controller or on of the splitters. Which you can swap as well to determine if it is one of the splitters. I think I do remember one issue of a bad splitter on the forum.

There seem to be some similarities with this topic. But the end conclusion/solution was never posted:

Hi again,
I found an article in SM 2.0 Trouble shooting section that seems to address this problem. I haven’t checked if its a cure for my SM A350 yet, but I’ll certainly try.

Yes, there is an article about that. PLEASE fill us in on the success or failure of this. I dont think theres anything else we can do for you (support would have to get involved) but we at least want to know if that worked for you.

Hi MooseJuice,

a couple of questions before troubleshooting according to the article. Connection with Luban between computer and SM, does it have to be with a PC ? I only have iMac. The other question is the connection. Can I do the troubleshooting over WiFi ?

I think you can use a mac just hte same, the console is in luban itself
however, no it has to be usb, the console doesnt allow you to read info from wifi for some reason

i don’t really know what hte procedure is, if you don’t need to see stuff back from the machine you can probably do it over wifi, it accepts sent commands but cannot talk back.

i think i read that article once and if i recall you are pinging the limit switch to see if its triggered or not so i would think that you cant, but maybe its something else.

also, it has to be the USB mini port, not the regular usb A port. and you might need osme drivers

Well, I located the Y-linear module that caused the problem module from the base and open the black end cap to have a look inside. Comparing to the pictures in the troubleshooting article the switch looked ok, however I found a lot of grease packed around the switch, especially between the two parts making the switch mechanism. Not knowing better, I removed the excessive grease and tested the switch to hear a klick -sound. Now, one hour later I tested both Y-linear modules and they work just fine. Putting everything back together again I finally managed to do the automatic bed alignment and up till now it seems to work normally. I believe, though, the switch problem might haunt me in the future. Even if I haven’t done anything yet with SM, I feel like a champ overcoming this problem.

Many thanks for the great support you guys have given me. Your are awesome !


Glad to hear you could get it all working!

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ahh man lol too much grease’llgetcha every time, good work detective, and good luck! reach out if you need more help

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