A350 Y-modules making weird sounds, H. bed moving up and down

I got my snapmaker back when it first hit kickstarter, but couldn’t assemble it until a few days ago for some reasons.
I’ve been printing today and while at first it was going perfect, suddenly it began making weird noises, and the heated bed began moving up and down.

Here’s a video:

Any idea what can I do?

@scyto You want to take this? Lol.

@Horizon You are experiencing an all too common issue, the Y linear modules have an internal carriage that is too loose. You options would normally be 1) get a warranty replacement, but in @scyto’s case even the warranty replacements have the same issue, or 2) correct the issue yourself by disassembling the modules and tightening the eccentric nuts that hold the axis to the modules.

As you waited for assembly, if you are in the States you may be out of warranty coverage. If you want to pursue that it can’t hurt to ask, contact Snapmaker support.

If you are handy with hand tools it’s not difficult to correct, but there’s a couple gotchas that could result in breaking a small switch - if you want to go that way post as much and more detailed instructions could be provided.

I’m in the EU, so maybe i’ll get lucky with the warrany, I hope so.
I contacted support, waiting for their answer.
If they can’t replace it, then yeah, i’ll try to fix it on my own! I’d appreciate any tips or instructions that could help me, thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

EU has a 2 year warranty so that sounds good to try first.

Disassembling is easy with the provided screwdriver, there’s a video linked in some posts

At about 5:30 in this video is the ‘gotcha’

You have to depress the switch as you reassemble.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll update this post as soon as support replies to my mail.

sorry been away from keyboard
@Horizon where did you get to? (if i were you i would push for new rail, then if you have to dissasemble any you have spares… just in case… i managed to break one rail completely, lol)

@scyto ive been away from life, @brent113 knows why lol. Looks like you got this.

Just going to add that because this is such a widespread problem, if I see this happening in the new rails I’m going to be thoroughly annoyed with Snapmaker.


yup I believe (word used intentionally) this is the root of many people adhesion / bed levelling issues - things like rails / glass / etc minimize and workaround a fundamental design issue. I am also hoping the new rails have improvements here.

I am still waiting on the ‘mechanical R&D’ team to get back to me on the issues that the bed measurements, while consistent at any one point, are utterly inconsistent wrt each other - leading to perceived bowing which isn’t actually there…

They won’t. They’d have to be at minimum much longer to keep the bed more stable, and that would mean a new, longer baseplate. No indications of either of those.

@eh9 the biggest problem with the rails design is the carriage slider bearings, they’re too close to each other.

Completely. But to fix that you’d have to lengthen the rails to allow for greater separation. They’ve not lengthened the rails, so we can conclude they haven’t addressed the problem.

@eh9 and in turn going to have made the problem worse because now according to Snapmaker if one of the new rails goes bad you can’t just replace the one, you have to replace multiple as they are matched, if a z rail goes bad you need to replace both, if the x or a y goes bad you need to replace all 3 of those.

Anybody else see the pull request get submitted and then closed that would’ve fixed that?

@brent113 unfortunately no, not with everything I’ve had going on lately. Otherwise you know dang well I would’ve raised noise about it lol.