Linearmodul works only one Week

Der A350 hat nach einer Woche mit insgesamt 5 Drucken die Arbeit eingestellt.
Ein Linearmodul bewegt sich nicht mehr. Die Software meint aber das der Antrieb in die Endlage gefahren wäre. Es gibt keine Fehlermeldung.

You have to email the
Ich denke die verstehen kein Deutsch also würde ich empfehlen es durch google übersetzen zu lassen.

Es gibt einige threads in diesem Forum welche dir möglicherweise weiterhelfen.
Um welche Achse handelt es sich?
Hat der Drucker vorher normal funktioniert?- Alle Achsen in die richtige Richtung usw?

The printer worked about 20 hours. After a break of one day the problem arose that the initialization did not take place correctly. The X-axis didn’t move. The home screen meant the axis would be at -19, but was in a completely different position. An exchange of the modules showed that the control is in order. It was always the module that wasn’t moving. I’ve already written to support. Let’s see if there is a reaction. I would not have expected that the part gives up so quickly. :roll_eyes:

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That’s bad, there are a lot of defective linear modules at the first delivery.
You should have a look at the mentioned post and at the support homepage to dismantle the module and check the heatsink-pad of the stepper electronic.
But be aware, I am no snapmaker staff!
Anyways, support will tell to do so.

Hi @xchrisd, thanks for the replay.
I don’t think it’s because of a missing thermal pad. Then the motor would start up briefly before the electronics get too warm. I think it’s more like the famous magic smoke escaped.

If the thermal pad is missing the chip it’s protecting fries and it stops working.

Hi. A look inside. The pad is in the right place. :roll_eyes:

Is it normal for the Snapmaker team to take more than a week to resolve a problem?

This week it is.
It’s a national holiday and everything shuts down.


I’m slowly thinking about sending a black van to Snapmaker’s headquarters. Just to knock if someone is still at home.

I doubt anyone but the janitor would answer

So then we’ll all just have sour paperweights :roll_eyes:
But then you should at least be fair enough and shut down the website so that more people don’t wait there unnecessarily for devices and help

idk the janitor might be more helpful then some of the normal staff XD

As long as they do not report, I think the company has gone bankrupt. If I have never had an apprenticeship again, I will pre-finance a project with my money.

Staff posted in the forum 34m ago!!!

Ok, now i’m waiting for replay from support. What now results with the module. It is still an imposition for a company to go to a diving station for so long.

Update Mail from Support
Potter, Oct 10, 2020, 15:06 GMT+8
Sorry for the delay.

The X-axis should be defective in this case. I’ll submit a request for a new linear module. Please confirm the following shipping information.



Potter, Oct 12, 2020, 10:28 GMT+8


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve submitted the request to our facility. The related colleague would confirm the request and ship the item as soon as possible.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

The submarine has appeared. :alien: :grin:
Now I am waiting for the big ship which will have to take the route via Cape Horn to get to Europe. So about 8 weeks.


glad to hear your replacement is on its way! hopefully they get through to everyone else with problems (myself included) soon.

On this occasion someone has already tried to purchase an additional linear module so that a reserve module is at home in the event of a failure. Or other components and wearing parts? I think I could live with that if I don’t want to wait that long for a replacement.

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