New A350T EXTREME Bed Wobble

I have a new A350T, the machine is brand new and my bed is already moving up and down a lot when changing the direction on the Y axis. Acceleration is already set down to 300 mm/s and Jerk to 3

Print speed on this video is 24 mm/s

That’s a huge issue in my opinion, i think i need to have a serious discussion with the Snapmaker Support but of course they haven’t responded to this ticket for a week now…

@Snapmaker-Support @Riskey @Jade This is an issue with MANY of the 2.0 machines, and is apparently not limited to certain versions of the linear rails. Seems to mostly affect 350-series models, but there are reports of the 250-series also experiencing this. Most users with the issue have resorted to user-modifications involving installing support rails, but it really does seem to be a pretty serious design flaw with the 2.0. Is there any chance of an official fix (more than just replacing rails, or tightening bearings), modification, or upgrade that Snapmaker as a company can get worked out for this? Certainly we will all love the quick attach heads and build plates, and the vibration compensation coming this year, but considering the volume of affected users and their discontent with the machine and company over this, I would think this should really be at the top of the priority list too.