Snapmaker official response to print head gouging?

Hi all -

It’s pretty clear there’s a problem with auto-leveling. There are people here and in the FB group constantly talking about ruined and gouged build plates.

I’m awaiting my 350 - but now anxiously as well as eagerly, since I’m not sure it’s going to ruin the build plate on my first print.

I’ve seen the SM team engaged on these forums, and they seem to be trying to fix it, which is great.

Has there been an official announcement from SM on the problem? I feel like we need an update, specifically with:

  • What is the root cause? Have they found out why so many users have the same problem?
  • What is the fix? (The real, permanent fix, not workarounds)
  • Will they replace the beds for people affected who had their plate ruined?
  • Will the fix be applied to new machines leaving the factory, or will we have to do some sort of update when we receive it? (I probably won’t see mine until May. :frowning:)

Have they officially posted an answer to any of these?


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waiting to hear as well seem as though they should warranty the ones that have issues!!! Anyone form snapmaker care to chime in any time would be great!!!

My build plate got damaged after some 15 prints without issues. The snapmaker support asked me to send the log files, but as I recalibrated the printer immediatly after the problem occured, there is no usable trace in the logs :frowning:

It seems that Snapmaker did not find the cause of the problem yet …

Fortunately they will send me a new print sheet :slight_smile: