Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates

Mar. 3: v3.2.0

  • Feature: Add connection timeout config on “Settings” (defaults to 3s), which allows “Connection” widget to wait for serial port response longer. (#229)
  • Fix: Reduce stripped black lines when stitching camera capture images. (#231)
  • Fix: Fix wrong coordinates when laser engraving for the first time. (#232)
  • Fix: Cancel the limits on laser material thickness. (#233)
  • Fix: Fix the problem that on “Connection” widget, the dropdown box is too long to be selected (#235)
  • Fix: Use “M3 P100” when generating CNC G-code, prevents user accidentally set spindle speed at a lower rate (while SM2.0 controller prevents spindle to work at low speed). (#235)

Snapmaker Luban for macOS

Snapmaker Luban for Windows 64-bit

Snapmaker Luban for Windows 32-bit

Snapmaker Luban for Linux 64-bit

Option 1 (recommended)

Option 2

Snapmaker Luban for Linux 32-bit

Option 1 (recommended)

Option 2

Hint: To start Snapmaker Luban on Linux, you need to:

  • Add your user to group dialout: sudo usermod -aG dialout [your username]
  • Start executable: snapmaker-luban (.deb version) or ./snapmaker-luban (compressed version)
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