Auto Leveling is not working

Hello All,
I am new to the forum and couldn’t find anything that relates to the issue I am having. My auto leveling just stopped working. It would go to the first point and as it gets close to the build plate it fails, returning the head back in the center of the plate. when this happens, it just says that an error occured to try again or quit. I have switch/rotated the build plate but no luck. Also tested the sensor and the red light does come on. Any help or tips would be appreciated!

Which print head are you using and which firmware version

3d print head. I have the latest firmware. just updated yesterday.

There are two modules, a single and a duel extrusion which do you have

sorry I have the single.

Just updated? Restart, re run all calibrations and do a 6x6 mesh level

I have done all that. Also in the process of getting support from Snapmaker.

Bring metal to the probe and see if the light comes on on it.

I have done that, the light does come on.

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I’m sorry, I somehow missed that part. My bad.
Does it actually touching the build plate before failing?
And I assume it’s a stock build plate?

I just got the quick-change kit and I’m having the same issue leveling with the dual extrusion module. Any updates on this?