Profiles for Snapmaker 2.0

Hi all,

Attached are the Cura and Simplify3D profiles for the Snapmaker 2.0. Please refer to the following article on our website for specific settings. Thank you.

Cura (2.9 KB)
Simplify3D (8.3 KB)


is there also a PrusaSlicer Plugin available?

Hi, so far we don’t have a plan for a prusa slicer profile yet.

Really appreciate having the Simplify3D profiles but it looks like they are all for the A150. Any plans for the A250 and A350 or at least posting what settings need to be manually adjusted?

Yes, you only need to tweek a few settings for the A250 and A350, namely the printer’s x, y, and z, and print head’s gantry height. The specifics can be found in the link provided.

I took another look at the page linked in the post but all of the specifics are for Cura, not Simplify3D. The only Simplify3D reference on the page is …

“For recommended settings in Simplify3D, please check the attached.fff. files”

Those .fff files are all for the A150. Can we either get the same detailed instructions for Simplify3D as have been made for Cura or additional .fff files for the A250 and A350?

Hey @ogundy!
You could simply edit the buildspace to your type of printer, in simplify3d, edit process, take your profile, G-Code/ Build-Space
It is not more.

Hint: Maybe set the “Wait for heatbed temperature” to YES.

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Hi, you can import the .fff files for the A150, and change the settings for the x, y, z, and gantry height values for your model. Then you should be good to go : )


What settings you used for the machine as the x and y min cannot be greater than 0

  1. what type of printer do you use?
  2. which slicer do you use?

what means the x and y min?- explain it please