Speed Limits on SM2?

What are the controllers limits on speed for each axis for the SM2? @parachvte?


Oh i’m back :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The speed of SM is limited to 150mm/s, which is to say, F9000 in G-code. By default.

If you want to modify it for testing, you can use M203 command to change the constraint, like M203 X12000 or M203 X3000.


Yeah, I already played with that. :grin:
I can get my x & y axis to move at 21000 (350 mm/s)! Which is way more than I thought it would do. The acceleration parameters must be well tuned.
I didn’t finish my experimenting with the Z axis. I would guess that it can go faster down than up with the aid of gravity. It may also have trouble with overshoot the ends of travel.
By the way, why do none of the m codes that are supposed to return information in the console not show anything? Does a special m-code have to be executed to turn that on?
It was interesting to see the results of trying to move all three axes at once. The z-axis would be the limit. It would get a little jerky.
And then there is the question of the print head limit!!! Do you want to save me the trouble of experimenting on that one and just tell me what to expect? I assume SM has done some testing on just how fast it can print. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you using Wi-Fi connection? It was a fast implement in firmware, we will reflect its responses with later updates.

I’m not sure if we did the test (I’ll modify here if got the answer), most of the time the extrusion is determined by the model layers and axes movement speed.

Yes. Haven’t tried USB. I will and see if that works.

If there is a print head speed limit, will it also limit the print speed if it is slower that the xyz limits?

No, it will just limits on extrusion or maybe ignore the extrusion on some conditions.

“print head speed” is meant to be the speed of extrusion (I should have phrased it that way), so the question really is; "is there an extrusion speed LIMIT, and does it limit the speed of xyz at the same time?

The “print head speed” would be very interesting for retraction settings!

That setting does exist in cura, “retraction retract speed”.

I know the way of modifying the settings l. So I want to know the max. speed the extruder can handle.

When it comes to 3D printing, you can’t get fine results if you using high feedrate. We have been using 120mm/s to torture test the machine for months. But we recommend our users not to use speed beyond 100mm/s. It can cause lost steps using high feedrate in a long print.

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I don’t want to know + feed rate, but - feed rate.
How fast can i suck in the filament during retraction?

Finally got around to trying USB. Works fine.
So the replys to the console commands don’t get echoed to it when using WiFi.
I do see “OK” replys to input commands. Just nothing else other than help commands that list out the G & M commands.

Related to that, when you quit the connection, it clears the displayed results in the console window. I would prefer that it didn’t.

Got it. We gonna remove the clear action.

Could you also enable a clipboard function in the console?