Issues with Printing Miniatures

Looking for some feedback or assistance from anyone who is willing to…
I am trying to get high-quality prints out of my FDM machine while I wait for parts on my Resin printer, but I can’t seem to get the right settings…

I am using a Snapmaker Original. I have not had issues printing normally with it. I am using Simplify3D to slice, and MatterHackers Build PLA to print. My settings are in the photos.

The settings in the photos are what created the failure on the right. The left failure went maximum spaghetti and was the ONLY difference in settings was enabling coasting of .2mm. Anyone out there able to spot a problem?? Thanks in advance!

NOTE: I am well aware that I won’t get resin quality minis from FDM, but I should be able to get passable if not close to resin quality.

If your wanting high quality, I would try slowing down a lot, maybe half your speeds. I don’t know if that is causing your spaghetti but it’s worth a try.

BTW, what is “underspeed”, I’m not familiar with S3D.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. I have a feeling there are some problems with my retraction as well, because of all the jumping around it has to do on this particular mini.

Underspeed is the amount it will slow down on those particular operations. Solid infill does not apply for this one, but the Outline one slows it down to half the current speed when it does the final outline,

I agree with @Tone, 85 mm/s is probably a bit fast. The default SnapmakerJS “Fast Print” prints at 60 mm/s, and travels at 70 mm/s. I generally print on “High Quality”, which prints 20-35 mm/s, and travels at 40 mm/s. My son did try running the machine at 100 mm/s. It caused some layer shifting, so we don’t go above 70 mm/s any more.

Looking at the two photos, it doesn’t seem like the figure’s staff ever starts printing well. It looks like some of the details on the staff and hand might start printing in mid-air. If that happens, you’re always going to get some spaghetti. Have you tried enabling supports? It will require some cleanup and finishing detail work, but that’s better than a failed print. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Lord_Humungus
i think you need a raft because of the sword.- is it on the podium?

i would also increase the travel speed of the axis to the half, XY 40mm/s.
printing at 20-30mm/s is also an option.
give the print more solid layers from the ground.
The easiest way you could find improvements is to look the print failing…

In your case, i think, the sword breaks off and makes spaghetti.

if you share the .stl we could help you more.- if you do so, please say which size of origin you took.