Print speed maximum


Does anyone know what is the max print speed of the Snapmaker?


remember the fast the speed the lower the quality



So the firmware won’t let you move faster than 300mm/s, that’s rapid or print speed. The stepper motors won’t move anywhere that fast as David states and as I have confirmed with experiments. 150mm/s is on the borderline and I have chosen not to go over 100mm/s. I don’t know what the practical speed limit of the extruded (print head) is. It might be a fun exercise to do a print test part that compares print speeds. The extruded speed is calculated for each move it makes to produce the thickness and width requested which will have to vary based on the speed it is moving. I personally have printed at 60mm/s. It would be nice to know the limits. “A man has got to know his limitations” (name that movie quote) :wink:


Are you feeling lucky!


Thanks everybody for your help.
Case closed.


In simplify3D, my parameters are :

  • Default Printing Speed : 50,00 mm/s
  • X/Y Axis Movement Speed : 80, 00 mm/s
  • Z Axis Movement Speed : 16,7 mm/s

I wonder if I can increase a little more speed ?


You can always experiment. You may need to muck around with your extrusion settings. I assume that Simplify3D will automatically adjust the flow rate with an increase in extrusion speed, but it may need a little help in the Extruder tab.

FWIW, I run 40mm/s extrusion for PETG and I’m happy with the results I’ve been getting.


ok nice !
I’ve not yet printed with PETG, but soon.

Only with PLA and the one and last one time with ABS