Snapmaker Firmware 1.8.0?

I just installed my new enclosure and I had a firmware warning when I powered up the machine. Everything seemed to work ok, just the pesky warning message when I power on the unit. I was running firmware version 1.14.1 that I downloaded just after Christmas. I thought is strange that the version jumped from 1.14 to 1.8 ? but I wanted everything to run properly so I downloaded and installed the new firmware. I went to run an auto bed level check and the machine ran the table all the way out and then kept going! The motors made a horrible grinding and popping noise and would not stop. I hit my emergency stop button, which I test weekly, and it did not function at all. I had to throw my tool rack out of the way to hit the power supply switch. I have triple checked everything I know to do, but cannot find out what went wrong. I will have a very angry phone call with customer service when they open Monday.

I am man enough to admit if I have done something wrong, if someone out in the community could explain what that may be??? I would not recommend downloading the 1.8 firmware at this time.

1.8 is almost 2 years old. No idea why they didn’t update that site.

Yea, the site even says this is the newest firmware?? I don’t know what is up with that. I have found my copy of firmware 1.14 where everything was working. I will try to reinstall and see what happens. I didn’t look at the version before I updated, just took that it states it is the latest…then after the fun started, I looked at the numbers closer.

Hi Dodias,

The site seem to be fine from here, could you help us to confirm the issue still

Snapmaker 2.0 downloads:

I did just that, just now. The site is now showing the correct information. I have no idea how that could happen, but I went back to tab where I downloaded it and it still looked like my original pic with the 1.8.0 download link on the side when I hover over it. I went back to the home page and navigated back to the download section and it was back to the correct version/links. Just my luck, the interwebs go crazy and crash my printer! I am putting the correct firmware back on now and I will see what will happen. I hope there is no permanent damage to the unit.

@Alan you might want to change the wording on that site, as it is worded in a confusing way, which is why @Dodias installed the wrong firmware. Instead of saying, “Please read this article before you upgrade the firmware to V1.12.0.”, you might want to say something like:

If you are upgrading from a version of firmware prior to v1.12.0, please follow the directions in the following article and use the latest version of firmware in place of v1.12.0 while following them: