After update from 1.8.. to 1.10

Hi guys, after update (from 1.8.0 ->1.10 I have a big problem, the bed is no heating and nozzle to, what can i do this problem ? Thank for your answer

Did you trying pausing a print and then restarting?
This is a known bug.

Install either firmware 1.9 (most stable) or 1.10.0 (has the 99% finishing bug occasionally) I have 1.10.0.

Then let us know if it’s still happening.


I just got my 2.0 machine yesterday, it came with 1.8 firmware, now thinking of which version of firmware should I upgrade to?
Or should I stay remain stay with 1.8?

I use the most current and dont have issues, but it sounds like 1.9 is the one everyone thinks is the best

i dont think you want to stay on 1.8 there are some bugs on the older firmware that caused problems with calibration.

Thanks for your comment, I browsed through some other post and decided to up to 1.9 first.