Door Detection Faulty

Have hunted the forum for anyone else with the same issue…any advice…

have just received and build a350 and encloser, and updated firmware…
have only used the laser at the moment, and annoyingly if the door deteciotn is set to on in either the handset settings or the luban software it senses that the doors are open, when in fact they are not, and it does not alter when the doors are open…any help? from any one?


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Check the cable connection!

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Cable seems fine…however did notice that the 2 small magnets stuck with black sticky tape on the front door were stuck together…have separated them and put them in the frame where I think they should be…anyone send me a photo of both pairs of little magnets in relation to the halls sensor…regards

Door Detection is set to on means that the feature is turned on. It shouldn’t activate the feature. I will forward this to @Edwin.

Here is a picture of the door magnets, I am not sure what picture did you request?

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Hello Jonricksparta,

I have the same problem.
you’ve already found the problem?

I have solved the problem…I took apart the mag sensor array on the vertical strut between the two doors. And noted the location of the hall sensors…marked the outside of the array with small dots of tipex and rebuilt …then aligned the two lose external magnets to the tipex dots…and viola success. Jason

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Cheers for the picture…it just confirms my findings…I am interested to know what and why you put the matting under the enclosure? Does it help in anyway…jason

The mat, I thought about less vibrating noise from the machine.

Does it work…ie less vibration noise?

I think so but never have tried without it…
I took it from packaging of the enclosure.

Sounds like a good idea. J

I have the same problem, thank you for the advice to open the door sensor and arrange everything again. I toodiscovered moved magnets, so fingers crossed that I can resolve the issue too

Make sure you take beam out of enclosure first and take apart sensor block horizontally small plastic lugs/spacers in side. Dont lose. J

just to make sure… are these the magnet position where the sensors are located?
on my A350 the magnets were falling down so i need to reposition them.

They are …but a little offset…I undid the sensor. And marked where the respective mag sensors (reed switches) were…be careful if you do the same as the plastic spacers are very small…and you need them to protect the circuit board.

Duck tape seems to work and can colour coordinate too😀

The door switch is the black box on the frame, visible from inside, yes the picture shows my door and the switches are working.

I’m facing the same issue. Quick question:

It seems there were two “mag sensors” on each side of the little circuit board inside the door frame.

Did you align one magnet vertically “between” the two sensors on each side? Total of two magnets?

Or did you align one magnet vertically “on” the top sensor on one side and another “on” the bottom sensor on the other side? Total of two magnets?

Or did you align one magnet vertically “on” both the top and bottom sensors on each side? Total of four magnets?

I tried the first option (above) and got no success.

Thank you!

This door sensor problem was preventing me from getting auto calibration!

I solved it by matching my door magnets to the image you supplied here, of how the magnets in the doors should be arranged!

Success with a cut (without having yet done the auto calibration)!

I’m running the latest versions of Luban and latest firmware.

Of note, even though Luban shows the door sensor feature turned off, the firmware was still demanding the doors closed, as though the feature were turned on!

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