Warning: Security issue - Enclosure door detection not checked at start/not fail safe

Using the latest firmware 1.12.0, I can start a laser job with the door open.

In the setup stage (setting work origin, run boundary etc) I have the enclosure open and googles on (cant see focus dot through goggles and enclosure.

The machine will let me start the job at 100% laser without checking that the door is shut. Shutting the door while the job is running, then opening it again, works as expected. The job cannot be resumed while the door is open.

The job should not be able to start while the door is open.

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I can confirm this, this should be forwarded to support.
Safety issue!
@Alan @Edwin

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Just wanted to start a new thread when I found this one. Still, since I took some pictures, I guess my post is worth something after all :slight_smile: Took the freedom to make the title a bit more dramatic…


When the machine starts up, it assumes door state “closed” regardless of the actual door state. Only after closing the door properly once, the door state by e.g. M1010 reflects the physical door state.

This is a security problem when because of e.g. misaligned magnets (like after them falling off [again]) or a broken cable or connection the door sensor reports back “open” constantly. In this case the machine will never switch to “open” in its software, and if you then open the door mid-laser-job, it will not interrupt it, thus rendering the safty feature useless and putting your loved ones in danger.

If you want to verify this: Boot up your machine with at least one door open. Connect to the machine with Luban (either serial or network) and issue M1010. The answer will be Door State: Closed. Close all doors and open one again - M1010 will show Door state: open.

I’m on 1.13.2 (and currently reluctant to upgrade) - would be nice if someone on 1.14.1 could test it there!

Long story:

I was running a laser job and could not properly see how it was going, so I put on my goggles and opened the door to take a closer look. After sticking in my head I though: How stupid, this will interrupt the laser job - but actually it did not. I checked the door detection setting, and it was active - so wtf?

I checked with Luban and M1010 and always received Door state closed. OK, I thought, the door sensor must be broken. I disassembled it - it is actually a nice bit of engineering: They included four hall sensors and four LEDs to check if the hall sensors register a magnet - made troubleshooting easy!

Here’s the four sensors (left) and LEDs (right):

And here it is in action, showing the door magnets registered of one door:

Turns out that my magnets were misaligned. They kept dropping off all the time (like many others had it - at least with the Kickstarter version - see also this thread), and at some point I used superglue to fix them for good. Past then, door sensor worked fine. Yet it seems to be a borderline case - now my workshop being colder in winter, only three of the four magnets registered, and the switch reports “open” even if just one hall sensor is “off”. The LEDs made it really easy to spot the problem and to realign the magnets.

So technical problem solved, but firmware bug remains. I’ll file a bug report on this.

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It is incredibly disappointing that this is still an issue.

I just booted my machine up, latest firmware, updated an hour ago - if I run M1010 the door state is open and I want to print with an open side door because my work piece is longer than the snapmaker platform and it will hit the door otherwise - so the sensor seems to work fine, but when I try to disable door detection in Luban it just disables the Doordetection button after I click it (turns grey and cannot be clicked until you leave the screen and come back to work area, then its always on again)

I can disable it in the Touchscreen settings but when the laser actually starts, its at the lowest power possible - like when you check boundaries and doesn’t mark the wood at all

I had the same - I guess they try to follow international security standards and no longer allow laser with open door at full power. Workaround A: Unplug the enclosure. You lose LED lights and fan, but Laser is possible again. Workaround B: Get yourself two magnets and place them at the two hall sensors of the regarding door.

IMPORTANT: Ensure laser safety in another way, i.e. everyone in the vicinity wear goggles.

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If you don’t have magnets handy you can unscrew the sensor and wedge it between the door you plan on closing and the enclosure frame (line the plastic connector up with the groove for extra stability). I threw a piece of painter’s tape over for good measure but it lit all 4 lights this way and seems to bypass the door sensor (ran a test cut).

Note: this obviously only works if you’re still closing one of the doors. I am working with a 12"x24" piece of ply and need the small door open to process this sheet.

Lastly, this is a temp fix for folks needing to get up and running. I would still order a couple neo magnets from Amazon and afix those however you see fit.

I really hope they don’t plan to make this permanent :confused:
I get that its a security risk, its my machine, my workplace and my responsibility to ensure
the machine won’t hurt anyone - I have the snapmaker in a separate, locked room for this reason and when I go in while the machine is running I wear the glasses

Would be a real shame if they took that liberty from us as it would limit usage to the platform size only

Ended up coming with a quick design to press fit some magnets that works quite well. Uses the existing screws holding the sensor cover on and just sits on top of the existing cover. Doors still close as well!

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Hello Robotrash,
Could you please share your design?
That would be great.
Many thanks, 3D-Matthias