Laser won't set up because "door is open'

Hey, everyone! Got box 2/2 today from UPS and assembled the Artisan. Hands down, by far the nicest assembly of anything I’ve ever bought. I felt like I was unboxing an Apple product. The tools provided were great, every fastener had one extra, just in case… The guide was amazing. But I think I screwed up. tightening the enclosure, I trapped the wire harness into the joint and tightened it down. I can feel that there is a break in the insulation. But I assembled it anyway. LED lights work fine, but when I tried to calibrate the laser, it threw a “door is open” error at me. The door is shut, but it’s not reading the sensor.

So my question is this: do I disassemble the enclosure, and try to find the short, or is there a way to disable the door warning for the laser? Ideally, I’d like to order a new harness for the door, but I have no faith that I can or if it would arrive anytime soon (I ordered this Artisan months ago)

What ideas do you guys have? Has anyone had any luck ordering parts from Snapmaker and having them delivered in a timely manner? How would one go about ordering a part like this?

My first thought is to disassemble the enclosure and patch the broken wire. I should have inspected it better when I realized I pinched it in the frame.

Thanks, In advance, John

Update: I’ve stripped back the insulation where the crimp occurred and none of the wires are damaged. Now I’m at a loss. Why would the machine think the door is open if it’s closed?

You should contact support, maybe they know a way of bridging the plug to override the sensor until you get a replacement.

Other than that, I guess you already checked if all conections are firm.
In one of the Artisan reviews on Youtube (Mpox I think) he overrides the door detection for filming by placing a magnet on the sensor I think. In case your sensor works but the door magnet is in the wrong position or is missing, that could be worth a try.

I’ll give it a try!

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please report back if you find a solution, might be helpful to others too!

It was a wire that had been cut. I repaired it and the door is good now. However, I managed to damage the receptacle for the LED lights and now they don’t work! One step forward, two steps back!

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Glad the door worked. Hope the LED gets fixed.
Do you think this should be marked as solved?

Yes, done…

I have the same issue right now. I just bought mine last week. Where did you fine the bad wire? We have looked everywhere. Updated filmware. Checked sensor with magnets. So frustrating when i spent a ton of money on it. And only can 3d print. Thanks for your help.

Likewise, I have not been able to calibrate the laser because it thinks the enclosure door is open. It is not! However, do I have a different door? Mine does not have magnets, rather it has rubber magnetic strips on the metal frame of the door.