Enclosure Door Sensor

The magnets that use for door open/close detection pop out by itself. I place the magnets back to where that I think they should be.

I run the M1010 S1 to test the door status. Both doors must be open to register the open event. Only need one door close to register the close event.

Isn’t it should be either doors open should trigger the open event and both must close to trigger the close event.

Is this bug/feature or I just place the magnet incorrectly.

There are 4 sensors on the pillar that detect the magnets, staggered left/right from top to bottom to pick up the 2 doors. Any one of them triggering will trigger the door sensor detection logic. They each have a small LED that in a darkened room you can see turn on when you bring a magnet near.

I’m guessing something isn’t placed correctly. Here’s the location: 3D and Laser modules no longer working - #9 by brent113

If one side of the enclosure is never triggering the door open detection that sounds like a flaw to me and you should consider reaching out to support.

I have place them side by side. So I think that I only trigger same set of door sensor.
I will try to see if I can see the LED.

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It is working now. Never notice there are four LED lights.