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I figure it might be good to start a topic that sort-of compiles useful guides together to make them easier to find, since the forum doesn’t allow signatures and guides can just disappear into the void. As such, in this first post, I’ll be listing all of the guides I’ve made, be it how to run projects, setup the machine, or repair something.

Keep in mind, I don’t want this JUST to be my guides (I’m not the only one with useful information after all!). So I invite others if they’ve written a guide, how-to, repair, etc. to share it here so people can scroll and find them easier. It also will help list any updated versions of guides (since this forum doesn’t allow editing of posts after a certain time)… I know I need to revisit and update a few of mine… ehem.

Anyway! In no particular order;

Multi-Pass Rotary

Repeatable Laser Origin

Multi-Pass 3D Engraving

Repeatable CNC Origin

Non-Planar Laser Engraving

Repairing Filament Runout Switch

Full Control Via Lightburn

If you have a suggestion for a guide or other info, you can ask that as well. Maybe you’ll get a reply with a new link. :slight_smile: I also just enjoy trying to figure out how to do things in either more efficient ways, or things the machine might not have been made for/originally thought of. (like the non-planar guide) I just hope this can centralize the help/guide/repair links a bit better to reduce searching and repeated posts.


These aren’t my guides, but I post links to them a lot:

IIRC, the forum has a mode where you can make your post edittable by other people. I’m not sure how, but SnapLinks -- Wiki is an example. Actually, that’s probably a good one to add too. It’s not a guide per se, but it has a lot of guides linked.

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Adding @Slynold’s guide for using the camera with lightburn.

EDIT: Gonna sneak a new one of mine in, a bit of an extension to the Full Lightburn Control guide.

Using Lightburn with the Rotary module;


Advanced guide to use Lightburn to FULLY control the rotary.


An add-on guide for the full lightburn control, allowing you to start them via wi-fi without Luban;

Multiple Luban connections simultaneously.

Can we get a summary/link for the dual extruder plastic clip that was suggested by Snapmaker in here? I am trying to track it down and it feels like it should belong here.

I don’t have the dual extruder, so I can’t say I’ve heard of that.

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Quick guide on bypassing the door switch on the enclosure just incase yours goes out, or you need to run a project with the door open.

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Finally got a new one for the IR:

CONFIRMED WORKS WITH 40W :upside_down_face:

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