My Upgrades and Tools for Artisan

Hello all,
ive seen some people struggle with similar stuff than i did so i thought ill share what i found an what i upgraded so far with my snapmaker.
Ill try to post links to all the models and stuff i used but i did not check if they are all the original creator nor did i check for sources for parts outside of germany.

Overall its a bit of a shame but softwarewise i didnt fins any use for Luban. I recomend:
for Laser: Lightburn - upload Gcode via Luban Workspace
for CNC: Fusion 360 - upload Gcode via Luban Workspace
for 3DP: Orca Slicer - upload Gcode with Snapmaker Uploader.

  1. Laser:
    I) Just added some Guides to my Laserplate - nothing major.

  2. CNC:
    I) Using the CNC Suction from RaiSem:
    Maybe you will need some hight Adapters for longer Bits. Im working on those.

II) Using my own Design of a Crosslaser:

III) for Z i made a accoustic Z Probe: External Z-Probe with Beeper (CR2032) by Wangerhuber - MakerWorld

  1. 3DP:
    I) replaced Nozzles with “Prizzle” from Princore which has a Brass Body and hardened Tip.
    I tried the Micro Swiss one too which claims to be “anti stick coated” but that was really bad.
    Couldnt get the residue off even after just some PLA prints.

II) Added a Bentobox to the back for additional filtration.

III) Added a Chamber Heater on a Selfmade Socket:

For II) and III) i use some Homeassistant magic to regulate and automate. You can feel free tu Use whatever type of regulation you want.

IV) I build a aluminium tray with a magnetic springsheet PEI Bed.
To orient the magnetic Bed i made some Guides:
There you can see a picture too.
The fine milled aluminium was ordered from:
meassuring 405x420mm
The springsheet is from Aliexpress:
Overall im not super stoked about the performance.
Adhesion is OK at its best while loosing up to 20°C in Bed Temp even after long heating.

V) shimmed my Bed to around 0.8mm difference from highest to lowest.
I couldnt get myself to improve further.

VI) Right now im testing a 4mm FR4 sheet from:

To be clear:
I dont say that all i did is needed or the best you can do.
its just what i did and what i wanted to share.

If someone has to share anything else or did something better feel free to post it here.

Attatched is my profile of Snapmaker in Orca slicer.

Greetings from Germany
Snapmaker Artisan Dual (0.4 nozzle).zip (4.9 KB)


Thank you very much for sharing! Will definitely try using OrcaSlicer as using Luban feels very cumbersome.

I’ve yet to try any CNC but the suction looks very good. What kind of project did you do?

Best regards,

That cross-laser is interesting idea - Im starting to think it could be made as either temporary snap-in on bottom of the toolhead or even utilize somehow the quick-swap kit to assign it its own toolhead plate and make it as module for no need to adjust coordinates afterwards in theory and see it also during doing boundary runs and so … will have to find time to try that. I suppose it should be also safe enough to power it from USB cable from snapmaker’s USB port to eliminate the need for battery.

Thanks for sharing this! I also created RaiSem’s CNC suction head. I haven’t used CNC yet at all though. Still too afraid. I might try this weekend or next though. Love the idea of the cross-laser. It’s one thing I’m pretty annoyed about with the 10W laser. The Z probe looks interesting too.

One thing I’m wondering is if there is a way to make CNC tool changes and recalibration easier. I’ve heard some people put in something onto their CNC bed that’s static and never changes and they use that for calibrating z again (because a design calibration spot may be milled away). Any ideas?

Also, you Germans create the coolest stuff, but they are sometimes hard to recreate in the US because of part sourcing.

@MMoosmann would you mind sharing more about your Artisan OrcaSlicer settings? It seems like there is a bug where importing your .orca_printer profile is currently not working on OrcaSlicer 2.0. I only get a single ABS Filament profile but no printer settings :frowning: Maybe if you share a project with the printer-config set as project-profile?

Snapmaker Artisan Dual (0.4 nozzle) (4.6 KB)
maybe thats a Version thing. The Profile in my first Post is from my old Orca V1.9
I did a new export with orca 2.0 and added it here.
Maybe that helps and fixes your Problem.
Otherwise report back please and we will find a way to figgure it out