Filament Switch Repair

Since I repaired this snag, figured I’d share it. Decided to plunk the rarely used 3D module on, it worked for a bit, then filament runout… Swapped filament, aaand same thing. oboi. I checked into the guide here;

However, after taking it apart, I found out the sensor wasn’t loose, the clips on the top half of the switch had broken, so when the filament presses the switch bar, the entire cap of the switch lifted off instead of pressing the switch. From their video, circled in red is the clip that broke;
Screenshot 2022-09-11 075852

So what I did was quickly modeled up a wedge, 4mm x 17mm with a 0.75mm to 1.5mm taper. Printed at 0.15mm layer height in PCTG. Then using some small pliers, pushed the black switch cap down, and carefully squeezed the wedge in between the metal casing and the edge of the switch (make sure not to cover the pivot point of the metal arm). I pushed some filament through to verify the switch clicks now, and closed it back up. Fixed.

Here’s the model for the wedge if anyone wants it.
FilamentWedge.stl (684 Bytes)