Any CNC or Laser community site/forum recommend?

I found here and Reddit/r/3Dprinting are both very active community sites for 3D printing. But I kind of doesn’t found a similar place to learn and browse CNC or Laser cut works. Any recommend?

I think there might be more people sharing their cnc and laser findings after receiving their machines. I’m especially looking forward to the cnc function and likely share and showcase my projects. But I probably will still have to wait till October :sob:

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There are a few on thingiverse.
Haven’t searched much for this application.

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Laser engraving/cutting is actually pretty popular on our sites. And we are planning on releasing the high power laser module and the rotary module in the future. The situation will likely change :slightly_smiling_face:

Great! And BTW is there any plan of dual extruder upgrade mod?

Edit: never mind, I saw it in the Trello public roadmap and thumbed :grin:

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