Screen turns on show S and turns off


The screen does not work.
I tested what would happen if I plug the screen alone into my pc. It boots and then obviously says that the machine is not reacting.
Though if I plug it into to the controller box it just boots shows the ‘s’ for a couple seconds and then just turns black and nothing happens.
But I can control the printer via pc even though the screen does not work.
Thats why I assume that the port for the screen on the controller box is broken even though it’s ‘breathing’ (Although before it’s breathing it is lighting up bright for <1s).
I also mesured the voltages that the power supply outputs. They are all fine.

You have to email support if you need a replacement.

It should be possible to connect the hmi touchscreen to another usb port with an adapter usb-a to usb-c, it would work the same way like the usb-c port should do.