Nichts funktioniert

Alles zusammengebaut, 3 mal kontrolliert! Netzteil eingeschaltet, nichts geht! Strom kontrolliert, i.o.
Modell snapmaker A350T!

Could you add more specifics? By nothing works, do you mean that machine doesn’t move? That the touchscreen doesn’t turn on? Do the power supply’s lights turn on?

A better description and/or pictures would help with troubleshooting. Also, in the future, your machine would fall under the “Snapmaker 2.0” category, not the “Snapmaker Original” category.

Danke für Ihre Antwort. Habe den Fehler gefunden ! Danke auch für den Tip Snapmaker 2.0! Liebe Grüße

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I have kind of the same Problem. The screen does not work.
I tested what would happen if I plug the screen alone into my pc. It boots and then obviously says that the machine is not reacting.
Though if I plug it into to the controller box it just boots shows the ‘s’ for a couple seconds and then just turns black and nothing happens.
But I can control the printer via pc even though the screen does not work.
Thats why I assume that the port for the screen on the controller box is broken even though it’s ‘breathing’.
I also mesured the voltages that the power supply outputs. They are all fine.

Hallo, könntest du mir sagen was du gemach hast?

Hi David, der Nullleiter in der Steckdose war schlecht montiert :woozy_face:

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  1. Replying to a closed thread isn’t a good way to get answers. Next time, start your own thread.

  2. Leave the screen on for a generous amount of time before you declare it “dead”—this isn’t a fast-booting system.

  3. If you really, honestly think you have a hardware issue, contact . They are the only source of many replacement parts.

Danke, habe alles nochmal überprüft. Funktioniert leider immer noch nicht.

Here is my response to your own thread, please post only one time per topic.