Snapmaker does not start

Hello there,

I just received my Snapmaker 2 and assembled it. After assembly, I followed the walkthrough to start with 3d printing (assembling the 3d printing head, the heated bed…) but, when I finally powered up the machine… nothing happened.

The power source seems to be working (there is white light at the front, and the fan is definitely working), but the touchscreen remains powered off, apparently.

Also, when watching a video on fist assembly, I notice that the power source keeps blinking on the video. Mine blinks much slower than the one in the video. Maybe there is something wrong with the power source?

Also, the there is no led lighting in the controller, and I understand there should be one.

Any idea what could have gone wrong?

Thanks in advance,


I found a tester and, apparently, there is one couple of pins that don’t buzz (the others show connection, no problem) in the power cable that goes from the source to the controller. The pins are the big ones on the left, when you look at the plug with the pins towards you and the click piece facing up.

It sounds likke the same issue with a cable: Touch Screen not working after assembly

give a mail to the support.

Yes, Send an email to support with your Order ID and address and they will send a new cable to you. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t go though and re-test all of the cables before they shipped once this problem was already a known issue.

I had an extra month I waited to get mine and then it’s worked since… until I just had a hot end go bad and kill my whole module so I’m now down again :pensive:

i sent an email to support and they told me they will send a new cable. Thanks for the help!