Touchscreen doesn't start


I just got my Snapmaker 3 weeks ago. Since then I Had a lot of problems to start my Snapmaker. The screen only turn on shortly and shuts off again. I took of the cable form the Screen a few times and after a while ist starts up.

I just attached a Video what happens. I am very frustrated. Could anyone help me?

Best regards Gerrit

Contact Support, and provide them with the link to your video. It could be a Controller or a TouchPad, issue, which we can’t really help you with.

The plug of the screen feels also a bit lose for me in the controller. I have to push the cable very hard into the controllerthing.

You can try turning over the connector to the display. Sometimes that seems to fix it. Also make sure it’s plugged in all the way. I thought mine was plugged in but needed to go one more click to be fully seated.
Check where the cable enters the display. Some people have received ones with obvious problems where the colored wires are visible.


Your USB-C connector is probably tilting down, due to the weight of the cable.
See my post in this thread.
If it’s the same problem, all you need is rubber band. I haven’t had any problems since.