My dual extruder is not showing its connected on my snapmaker 2.0 A350T touch screen, any ideas?

Found this thread: Firmware update problem - #3 by Tarkus_9

It had a ring of plausibility for me anyway. The bad news…it didn’t work. I was hopeful when I plugged on my old 1600mW laser and it told me the firmware was out of date. And it did so again when I put my CNC head on (I haven’t used that one yet). Sadly, I went through them all and, as a bonus measure, did it with the new tool head on……and then with no bed, no head, and no enclosure. There’s no change. Each time it says that the newest firmware was already there. And at no point did it successfully reboot.

However, I feel like we’re on the right track. I could very well be wrong. But what I think ISN’T happening is the touchscreen. I think the tool heads are getting update and the controllers are getting updated, but the screen is not. I have a vague recollection of it going through three times to 100% and none of my attempts did three times around. I’m wondering if that third one would happen after the reboot that isn’t happening for us.

Wow youll never guess what was causing the issue, i didnt know also and didnt get any pop up messages about it, the updating issue was lack of memory, once i deleted half my files, it started updating like it should and now detects my dual extruder, so crazy. Appreciate all your help.


You know what….I probably should have reached that conclusion too with a similar situation a couple of days ago. I couldn’t get a file to print….or even try to. So I deleted it and then couldn’t re-upload. I eventually wondered if it might be due to space so I cleaned up a bit and poof….the print started with no issue. I didn’t make the connection….so kudos to you for providing it to me. When my large print is done, I’ll give this a shot. Out of curiosity, what triggered that thought for you?

Months of trouble shooting with snapmaker, it all started because i bought a dual extruder and it wouldnt detect the head, also when updating i had to manually shut down the machine for update to finish, then when i turned it back on i got a confirmation update successful , didnt think anything of it because no message popped up for having no space, it showed current update but the touchscreen didnt update, so i deleted a bunch of files, they said it needs at least 400mb free space. Then i downgraded to version 1.14.2 then 1.15.2 then version 1.18.1, everything updated and touchscreen updated as well, then i plugged in dual extruder and it started to detect, its crazy cause it was so simple, they should add a storage limit warning to help in the future, glad it helped you i wasnt sure if i was the only one this was happening to i dont know anyone with a snapmaker.

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Let them know

That worked for me too Trey. Great catch! It does seem like something they’d want to improve in their firmware. If you’ve been communicating with them, please suggest it.