Firmware for 3d Modules not Downloading

I have two Snapmaker A350 2.0 machines, they are both set up in 3D printing mode and connected to the internet via WIFI.

On the printer, I went into settings, and next to firmware it said, “New”, so on both machines I went to the next page to download the firmware, I not know for certain that is is a module firmware update.

On that page, it just sits there showing that nothing is downloading… I reset the machines, repeated the above,I verified that I had an internet connection.

I’m just wondering if it is only me or not.
It is the firmware for around 11/14/2023 with the extruder module installed.

Just let it sit, it took about 20 minutes to fully install for me yesterday

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I tried a few times, then accidentally let them sit on trying to download for a week. I didn’t see anything important in the update notes. I know ultimately, I can download the updates and install them myself. It is the little things that allow the printers to sit unused for a week or two, lot of minor hassles.

Before it comes up, It’s not a network issue, not on my end, I did basic troubleshooting before the original post.

But, definitely, thank you for your help and time!