Urgent! Problem with the modules

Hello, I have a problem, after several months of good work yesterday I had to change the laser module for the 3d module, when connecting it, it was not detected by the machine, but when returning to the laser module it did not work well, the laser stays on , it does not detect the camera and it does not work in the correct way. What I can do?

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-21 at 13.15.00|375x500

Email to support@snapmaker.com
I have no ideas, maybe you connected your print module false and short the controller?

Sounds likely based on the symptoms.

Support can give you a way to use another output for the laser and so forth while the 3dp module likely has a damaged extruder and the controller will also probably need replacing ultimately.

No, I have always made the connection following the instructions. I have been very cautious on these issues.

Thank you! I’ll wait for the support response, hopefully soon :frowning: