Linear module failures

I’ve had my snapmaker for 3 weeks now. I’ve successfully printed a few times and miserably failed a few more. I’m a noob so I can understand that. I have a very substantial problem though.

After the first week of printing one of my z linear modules locked up completely and the printer was dead. I contacted snapmaker and they sent me a replacement that took another week.

I got it put back together and started printing again yesterday. I’ve run a few good prints in a day and a half and now the other Z module has failed.

Is this a common problem? Are all my rails going to fail one by one until they have all been replaced? Now I’m dead in the water again and I have to wait for another new part to arrive then take the entire thing apart and reassemble it for a third time…

Needless to say I’m not happy with this mess. I’ve asked snapmaker to save us both the trouble and send me 4 more modules since I expect the others to fail soon as well.

Am I alone in this?

Unfortunately you are the only one who had 2 defective modules, i guess.

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