Linear Module Failure

I have just had a linear module fail and notified the team. Anyone had this recently? Just wondering how long until I’ll be able to start printing again - it was going so well

yup, got one failure too. I notified support last week, being told they will ship a new linear module. waiting…
2 days before the linear module failure I had received a power supply replacement. It took about 10 days to got the new power supply (I’m in Canada)

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Happened to me too and many others. Look at this forum thread Linear module stopped working after third print - #36 by Isaac for more. Hope you get your soon!

Thanks - it is good to know that I should not have to wait too long for a replacement if it comes to it. - It was a real shame I was starting to get a real production of parts going for the kids and wife - amazing what you need to print when you have a printer!

Thanks for the link to the thread, reading now!

chinese new year is about to hit…if you havent already, try to add your order number and address to your communications to snapmaker along with any pics or information you can give them in hopes to expedite them agreeing to replace it and getting it shipped.

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Thanks - I will do that now - great tip

What is wrong with the module? Maybe it is somthing we can get somewhat working till your replacement arrives?

I just won’t move when powered, I heard back from Tech Support who suggested I try it on the Y-channel and still no movement. Looks like replacement time. Unless I want to print thin things or cut straight lines :slight_smile:

You could pull out the stepper then put it on the y axis (as guide/support don’t plug it in). As long as you work slowly it should be fine :slight_smile:

yeah? id woulda thought that would cause the bed to skew and jam up but maybe not, interesting idea

It probably would running it fast. But I think with everything screwed in its rigid enough, and without the stepper (just a rail) the resistance won’t be enough to skew it. But I could be wrong.

Alternatively I have lots of spare linear rail parts if you want to try taking it apart. We could figure out what went bad and I could send you a replacement part.

Just had one fail on me over past weekend as well (Right side Z-axis). Looks like it’s becoming a common problem ?

Sent in a help request and got a reply asking me to run through the standard checks (disconnect X-axis and see if you can move the individual etc, post output of M119 when connected via USB serial). I replied on Monday and since then it’s been radio silence.

Also does not seem like there is a spares list on the shop. Would be nice to have spare if this happened again so you can at least carry on whilst waiting for replacement.

Whilst I was typing my previous note I actually received a response :slight_smile: - they will send me a new module.

Me too. Right Z axis doesn’t move. Have swapped cables around, left for right etc but to no avail. Still no reply from support after 6 days.

they can be pokey.

unfortunately its about to be chinese new year. i hope they get to you before that.

I too am waiting for a replacement for a linear rail. I don’t think Chinese New Year should stand in the way of fixing my £1500 investment with Snapmaker. After sales needs to be slicker.

Well, it shouldnt, but it depends on whether or not they have inventory in the states.

They told me they were shipping my rail from CA though.

I ordered two spare linear rails just in case and got them delivered ~10 days later. Shipped from California…