Y Linear module Fault

@Snapmaker-Edwin I think I have a similar fault with my A250 linear module as mentioned in another post.

the Y axis is making a terrible noise and it seems to twist when it moves like one of the motors is not working. I have reseated all of the cables for the Y axis and have updated the firmware to 1.9. I have attempted to recalibrate the bed and the print nozzle has left a deep impression in the top left of the print bed - just visible on the ‘250 white line’ next to the ‘25’ line in the video

I cant see the video, but it sounds like the same problem i have

I have changed the video settings on YouTube so it now plays

Hi @Mr_Fen

Sorry for the late reply.

Please disassemble the print sheet, heated bed, and the platform. You can check if the bracket inside the linear module is off or not. See the picture below.

You can refer to this video to restore it.

Sorry for the late reply.

1, Your machine was shipped out at Apr 2020. How long have you used this machine? How about the frequency?

2, Please dismantle the heated bed and the platform. You can control the linear modules via the touchscreen and we can see their movement clearly. Please make a video and send it to me.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Edwin,

I have followed the video above and I have tightened/adjusted the metal dust cover on both Y-axis linear modules as provided in another video.

the right hand side linear module is faulty. I have plugged this module into the Y-axis port on the controller module (as detailed in the attached photo and video) and it is not responding.

To check that the control splitter module is working correctly I have plugged the X-axis linear module into the splitter module and both linear modules move in sequence when homing as expected.

Please advise if I can check anything else to resolve this problem? If not, please confirm that I will receive a replacement unit ASAP.

The forum is not the best way to contact a Snapmaker Support staff member. I would recommend you forward this information and videos to support@snapmaker.com

Hi C.Harris,

I have a support ticket open but the videos requested for investigation needed to be up loaded via the forums as the youtube links are not accessible.

As you can see above, Edwin (Staff) is aware and working on the issue.

I have a similar problem

just got a similar problem as the topicstarter. Snapmaker 2.0 A350, firmware 1.10. and my third print. (~17hrs of printing in total) :((

I have what seems to be same issue on the x axis.

Assembled the printer this weekend and ran calibration for first time. The x travels in only one direction. On bed calibration, It goes through 1-2-3 on the x then up 4-5 on y as expected but then fails to go back on the x for 6-7, travels down on y for 8, and then travels off the bed for 9.

Will look into the bracket reset posted above.

  • First, use command “M119” to check the end-stop switch of the linear module via USB serial port.
  • Second, you can remove the cover at the end of linear module and check if there is too much grease.

Read this article carefully before you remove the cover.

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