Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Hi, I’m Rick. I’m an engineer but this is my first foray into 3D Printing. I received my SnapMaker yesterday and had it up and printing within an hour. I have only printed so far, but everything has been successful. I’m looking forward to trying out the laser engraving and NC machining.

I intend to use the SnapMaker as a hobby machine to engrave small craft items my wife and I make.

I look forward to working with you all.


Hi @rick

Doug the newbie here. Take a look at Thingiverse there are a number of Snapmaker related projects there, uploaded by talented users https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=snapmaker&sa=&dwh=205aa0c725d1170

Also have a good read of the forum for hints and experiences.

Keep having fun.



Thanks Doug. I have already had success with a ‘strong buckle’ for a bit of camping equipment and am currently printing the ‘Cali Cat’ as a bit of fun. I have had a look at the Snapmaker tool boxes but am not sure if the PLA is the best material for these. What material would you recommend? I think I read that you were from Australia? Me too. Do you have any recommendations for filament supply?


Hi @rick

BTW, I am in Brisbane and a newbie to all of this. I will share what I know so far and bow to the great experiences to some of the other users.

I have not seen a definitive chart for what filament types to use for different project requirements. All the projects that I have printed use PLA. I like it because of low toxicity and it does what I need.

I have purchased PLA from https://www.bilby3d.com.au/ I tried their Bilby brand and was not impressed; I order some Markerbot PLA from them and it is much better. I have on order a few other brands that they offer such as proto-plasta, prenium, flashforge and colourfabb. I have been ordering the smaller 200g rolls for trialing. I have also ordered a sample pack from www.rigid.ink.

So far the Snapmaker PLA is good. I added a topic to the forum in the not all filaments are the same Not all Filaments are the same

Hope that helps a little



Thanks Doug. That’s very handy.
I’m in Canberra, but get up to Brisbane a fair bit (family).



I lived and worked in Canberra for a dozen years as an IT Consultant/Manager and have many friends down there. I am retired now. I get back to Canberra at least once a year for the occasional get together and drinks

I just received a book that I ordered from Amazon “The 3D Printing Handbook”. I am really getting into this art form and have heaps to learn.



Hi everyone,

My name is Tomaž and I come from Slovenia. I just got my snapmaker yesterday. This is my first printer/CNC/engraver and I hope to make stuff(short).



Hello @Jez

Welcome aboard. This is all new to many of us newbies. we are lucky that there are good experienced user on this forum as well. Take the time to look through the forum entries as there are good hints and experiences to see.

If you have not already done so, consider joining Thingiverse, it is free. You will find a good collection of projects uploaded by talented users which you can download and use. see https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=snapmaker&sa=&dwh=375aa1028fdc39e

Have fun



Hi Swami! I’m in MD, so maybe we can form a local Users Group!


Hi @welmoed

hahaha, can’t join you… I am in Queensland, Australia

Have fun



Hi everyone!

I’m Nick, and I am interested in Arduinos (and 3D printing!). I am from Melbourne, Australia. My first challenge is that this forum is not displaying icons correctly. See screenshot below:


Evidently I don’t have some Unicode font that is required. As you can imagine, the forum is hard to use when the icon bar for a message looks like the above. I am using Firefox 58.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.

I tried installing FontAwesome which I spotted in the page source, but without success.

sudo apt-get install fonts-font-awesome

If anyone has any suggestions that would be appreciated.

- Nick


Hi @NickGammon

I am up in Brisbane and experienced the same problem. I too am using Mozilla Firefox Quantum ver 58.0.2 on a windows 10 platform. I too am trying to work it out. looks like Firefox is the culprit

You can use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and not have this problem.



I’ve lived here for 20 years now after having moved around quite a bit. We really like Canberra - it’s such a hidden gem of a place to live. Thanks for the tip on the book. I’ll have a look at it.



Hi @rick

Canberra does that to you. I went there for an 8 week assignment and it was a dozen years later when I left. I would have returned except I lost my heart to a lady in Brisbane.

keep having fun



@doug - thanks for the tip! I am using Ubuntu so I doubt I can use Internet Explorer, however I found that Chrome displays the icons correctly. Still, it sounds like a forum bug, because this is about the only site I have found that has this issue.


Hi @NickGammon @rainie

Maybe Snapmaker can looking into testing the forum on different internet browsers and solve this issue on using Firefox.

Have a great weekend.



This is probably not the appropriate place to report this but I am getting this error message in the Firefox console:

downloadable font: download failed (font-family: "FontAwesome" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:0): bad URI or cross-site access not allowed source: https://dsg3cd4ur1pj4.cloudfront.net/assets/fontawesome-webfont-2adefcbc041e7d18fcf2d417879dc5a09997aa64d675b7a3c4b6ce33da13f3fe.woff2?https://forum.snapmaker.com&2&v=4.7.0

There is an answer on StackOverflow that seems to address this issue.



Could this be a result of your earlier comment and action?



This forum is run on software called “Discourse”. They have their own forum running on their own software! Imagine that!! That would be the place to find the answer to your problem or to report as a new bug to them. I believe their link is meta.discourse.org


Hi all, I received my SnapMaker yesterday and it sat in my office the whole day staring at me, begging and teasing me to drop all my work and get creating! I unboxed today, built in 20mins and was printing my first print in another 20mins. Another hour later I had my first ever 3D printed object, and I think I sat and watched it print every layer - was mesmerised! Oh my days - I’m like a kid at Christmas!
Have to say, I was super pleased with the whole thing, from the quality packaging, the superb quality build, ease of putting it together, software worked first time, calibration simple and printing a doddle! Well done SnapMaker on achieving a really quality product, I cannot wait to get creating. I’m a complete noob at this, but have tons of ideas of how to use this! Anyone know of any software that that can help build 3D models of people, like 3D selfies?