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@vusajmiste18 @poundteam I am honored to be the first one to introduce myself! I am Rainie, responsible for social networks operation and community management in Snapmaker. Please tell me what you want to make once you get your Snapmaker! I can’t wait to see your works here!

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I’m David. Director of Engineering at Driven Technologies. I plan to make toys for my boys and costume props. Working on slicing a Star Wars DLT-19 OBJ to make it printable for my son’s Death Trooper costume.


im Marijan from Croatia/Europe.
I have a cheap Chinese laser,and I want to improve my work. i make wooden key rings. I want the precision of the device. I’m glad to be in this group


My name is Peter, I am an designer of mobile accessories and creating brand of accessories for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook along with other wireless devices. I love to mess around with new ideas and see them come to life, I can’t wait to get my Snapmaker to start producing what I created. I am located in Southern California USA.


Hi @harmerds David, that sounds great! Your boys must be excited too! Making toys is another talent of the Snapmaker!

Hi @vusajmiste18 Marijan, we are glad to have you in the group too. :blush:

Hi @koloasurf2012 Peter, wow that’s cool. Can’t wait to see your beautiful and useful designs. Don’t forget to share them in the forum. :star_struck:


Hello Rainie

I am a retired IT professional now working of a Proof-Of-Concept project to building assistive aids for people with major physical disabilities. I have built a scaled down prototype robotic wheel chair. It is my intention to use Snapmaker to make bespoke parts to enhance this prototype wheelchair; both functionally and aesthetically.


Might be useful to make scaled down people with appropriate adjustments to show how the parts will help while you’re at it.

Some of the people might actually think it’s cool to have a miniaturized version of themselves.


That is me sitting in the chair, all of 34cm tall.


Nice galoshes. :wink:


Hey there!
My Name is Sebastian and I am an electronics engineer from Germany.
I backed the Snapmaker because I am very disappointed in my previous made in China printer.
The Printer will be used to print custom Boxmods for vaping. Therefore I need a very precise Printer that can handle ABS and is more convenient than my previous one.


Hi @doug Doug, glad to meet you here. We are excited to be part of this meaningful project! Keep up the good work together.:sunglasses:

Hi @sebi1987 Sebastian, good to know your project and requirements. We’ll share some videos of printing the ABS so that you can see how precise the Snapmaker can get. Stay tuned!


Hello, I’m Dan from Nebraska, looking to expand on my hobby skills and learn new technology.


My Name is Michael and I’m an electrical engingeer from Austria (Europe - not the big Island in the deep south) and I’m working as a technical sales engineer ar SEW-EURODRIVE.
I learned how to do 3D-CAD aprrox. 15 years ago at my first Job and I have many small ideas in my head.
Sometimes a part is generated in my brain and when I wanted to make a prototype something always was missing. Material, tools, machinery or something else.
Now I’m looking Forward to produce my own prototypes or hacks at home.
I also have some ideas about the CNC and the laser module.
My CAD System at work is Solid Edge ST9 but I think I will Need a personal licence…


Hi @rojaljelly

I am from the big island in the deep south hahahaha, spring time here and warm. We are all looking forward to creating prototypes/hacks… north or south of the equator.


Hi, Tony Jacobs here.
I have a BUS degree in “Invention and Design Engineering” from the University of Utah.
Worked for the University of Utah’s Center for Engineering Design for just shy of 20 years.
Worked on many medical products there, portable kidney machine, surgical forceps, Utah Artificial Arm, Disney animatronics (robots), Universal Studios Jurassic Park Dinosaurs, Utah-MIT Dexterous hand (one of the worlds first fully articulated robotic hands), NOSC (Naval Ocean Systems Center) underwater tel-operated robot, robots for Balleys and Buffalo Bills casinos, just to name a few. :wink:

Worked for SARCOS for 5 years. Did work on the Exoskeletal systems, Precision Vascular System and did a lot of computer support and 3D model rendering. (www.sarcos.com)

Worked for Motion Control Inc. for the past 13 years as a Design Engineer. We develop some of the very best prosthetics in the world. (www.utaharm.com)

The Center for Engineering Design, Sarcos, and Motion Control are all creations of Stephen C. Jacobsen. (https://www.coe.utah.edu/jacobsen) He was my advisor for my BUS degree and I learned so very much from him. A Thomas Edison of our day.

So I’ve been inventing, designing, building stuff for 50+ years! Grew up with a lathe, band saw, drill press in our basement. We have a couple of 3D printers at work but the Snapmaker will be my first personal one.


My wife wants to be you based on those qualifications. If you find out someone is trying to get plastic surgery and take your place, let me know so I can try an intervention before it gets out of hand.


Greetings! My name is William, and I’m a materials research engineer in northern Indiana. I get to occasionally play with 3D printers at work, but haven’t bit on one yet for my home. I generally have more tools than I have time to use them at home, but I have been wanting to get into CNC machining and printing. So I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes with the Snapmaker and hopefully using it to print/make more parts or machines, as well as making random gifts and toys, and at some point letting my boys use it as well.


Hi, I’m Andrew, I work in the data technology industry in Austin, Texas. I enjoy 3D printing and have built printers of my own. While searching for new parts for a new printer I found Snapmaker and quickly decided against building another one. I have never worked with laser or CNC, so I am really looking forward to new experiences. I design things for the household, my work bench, my office and enjoy making toys for my little girl. In my line of work where you cannot actually see or touch the result, it’s just “the network is up”, it is satisfying to hand someone something tangible that I have designed and created.


Hi all, Stefan here!. I’m a Lead Developer of a large Internet provider here in the Netherlands, Owner of company (Planaday.nl) and part-time nerd. I believe the snapmaker is the missing tool in my raspberrypi, arduino and other projects! And it will really look nice beside my circuit vinyl plotter :smiley: