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A place to ask for help where no other Topic seems to cover it!


@Tone, you should have mentioned your subject in this entry so that we could make some suggestions; also have you contacted Snapmaker via email on support@snapmaker.com or the wonderful @Rainie on this forum.



Couldn’t you just start a new topic specific to the issue you’re having? If this is a random help me section that gets lengthy then it will be hard to search back through for solutions.


I created this topic as a place for others to ask for help when they can’t create a topic themselves because of newbie restrictions. Hopefully it will help minimize the number of miscellaneous topics that might get created. As far as searching goes, this forum software does have a fairly good search function that can allow one to search for key words or other filters to narrow the search.


What would cause the top layer of the print to have holes like that?

I’m using https://www.makergeeks.com 1.75mm PLA. The labels on their spools say nozzle temp of 235C and bed temp of 60C, so that’s what I set in Snapmaker 3D. I set the Layer Height to 0.05mm, but left Top Thickness at 0.8mm (the default).

Any obvious gotchas here?
Any settings I could twiddle for an easy fix for this?

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Hello, how can I update the Snapmaker with the new leveling. I’m Beta and I see that other backers have somewhat different screen.




I recently received my snapmaker (2/5/18) and have printed from my laptop but I am unable to print from the providedSD card or one of my own. I have reformatted the cards to default setting but still nothing shows up in files on the little printer screen, it does however allow me to at least go into files except there are no files in the file folder. I have confirmed the object I was trying to print worked as I printed the same object on the printer from my laptop. has anyone else ran into this problem?




Firmware update bin. file did not work with me. I have an mini SD on the Snapmaker no USB just a cable (USB) conection.




I am no longer able to create new topics within this forum, even though i was able to create them before, has something happened that is not allowing me to do so?


They changed the “Trust Level” badge requirement for creating new topics from level 1 to 2. (From Basic to Member) I don’t know what the requirement is to move from 1 to 2, it may be a manual change by the Sys Ops.


Well that is unfortunate, wonder how I get privileges back? Anyone know or know how many post you need to be able to create topics?


I have the same issue. Wanted to create topic, but can’t. Basic member. Anyone?


It would seem that you have to post something that someone likes, as i just got a badge?


Ok, somebody, like my post, and I will like another people in this theme. And let’s see…


Nop. Still ‘Basic user’


Give it time, have you like and replied to other users messages?



Yes. I liked 4 posts and I have 4 likes and I have 4 posts. Still Basic level and cannot create topics.


I cannot remember the criteria. @Rainie will be able to provide you with some guidance, and will see this message now that I have mentioned her. Be patient it will happen.



Somehow I am now a member finally!! Not sure what I had done I think it is the amount of other replies you get not sure!! Maybe we could be enlightened to what the criteria are?? As Doug said.



Welcome aboard, buckle up for your own safety and enjoy the ride.