Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Hello @jonnymo

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the Snapmaker addiction support group (hahaha)

Keep having fun



Hi everyone,

I’m very green to 3D printing what I hope to get out of this, is to make neat things for my kids.


Hello @MrBrown

Doug another newbie here, welcome. You will have a party with Snapmaker. Take a look at this link of references to get you started SnapLinks -- Wiki

It is a good idea to join Thingiverse, it is free. You can do a search for a collection of Snapmaker projects see https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=snapmaker&sa=&dwh=345aaf05a2a1eed

Have fun



Hi Doug,

Thank you for the recommendation!



There are a heap of project available from the Thingiverse and the internet. If you have a girl (or you wife) you can make her Wonder Woman logos such as WW%20Logo%20e or an R2D2 egg cup

Lots of fun to be had; take you time you read through the forum.



I’m loving the R2D2 egg cup.


There are a number of examples, this is the one that I used.


SnapLinks -- Wiki

Hey there, I´m Chris…
I am from Austria and very proud to be a piece of this community.
In first row i like to create usefull things to get life easier :wink:


Welcome @xchrisd

Doug the newbie here. welcome to the group. There are many talent users here and some great ideas and material to share. Take time to get acquainted with the forum and entries made to date,

Have fun



Hi, nice to e-meet yo all! my name is Loes, I’m from the Netherlands. I’m a teacher and translator (German, Dutch) and I have a lot of hobbies and interests, so the Snapmaker is perfect for me. I’m thrilled because my Snapmaker arrived just a few days ago and I’m totally happy with it. I immediately started to print a tiny egg from Thingiverse and it came out beautifully! At the moment I’m printing a set of Catan tiles and they are just wonderful, (so smooth and just perfect!!). So I mainly will be making hobby stuff and art objects.


hello @Loes57

Doug the newbie here (in Australia), welcome to the fun factory. There are many users here ranging from newbies to experienced. There is lots of good information on the forum that may help you also.

Have a great weekend.



Thank you Doug,

Have a great weekend too!



Hello @rainie @doug

My Snapmaker arrived last week and I’ve finally found some time to take it out of the box and get it all set up.
I’m super excited to get back into making things and really excited to see what I can produce with this piece of kit.

packaging, presentation, and quality all in one place… great job and thank you.


Hello @mrmilo22

By all means than @Rainie and Snapmaker. I am just another newbie user who is having a great time with his Snapmaker.

Have fun



Hey everybody!

I’m a computer games development student (mainly programmer) but I backed the Kickstarter for the Snapmaker during my first year of university :smiley: I was really nervous about my purchase but I don’t regret it one bit :smiley: I’ve always loved building stuff (Ikea furniture, boxes, woodworking, computers, etc…) and so far this Snapmaker is just a dream come true!!!

I’m still quite weak on the 3D modeling side of things (I’m not at all an artist), so if you have any tips.feedback for me I’d love it :smiley:

Here’s one of the things I’ve made which is a tool holder for the Snapmaker (3D printer parts) :smiley:

Let me know what you think about it :confused: The scale is slightly off and needs to be reduced by 1% of so :confused:

I was wondering if there was some sort of Discord server for the Snapmaker as it’d be awesome to get into chats with people :smiley:

I’ve also been having major issues with PETG and ABS. My issues with PETG is that it sticks to the build plate so much that I actually destroyed the sticker that is on the build plate. The issue with ABS that I have is that it doesn’t stick without using an ABS & Acetone mix on the build plate. Even then the prints fail 90% of the time :confused:

I’ve been loving the printer overall but I need to buy a few more build plate stickers at the rate I’m going haha. Masking tape glue just melts with the heated bed so that doesn’t seem like much of an option :smiley:

Anyways, I’m just babbling on now :smiley: I am a 3D printing newbie btw :smiley:

Thank you so much if you read all of this :smiley:


Hi there,

I’m electro engineer and as obviously as you all I have a passion as well, to create matters with a 3D printer.
I have to admit, that I’m surprised at the build quality of Snapmaker, and so far I became familiar with PET-G, and PLA filaments. Recently I built an enclosure for start printing with ASA and ABS filaments.
In my free time, I enjoy creating different projects with Arduino microcontroller and 3D printer is a great advantage.


Hello @moblak

Doug the newbie here, welcome aboard the good ship Snapmaker. We are all on an adventure to have fun.



Hello all,
My name is Greg, and I am new to the world of 3D printing. I have gotten my Snapmaker, put it together, and completed a test print which came out perfect. Cannot wait to see what this machine can do.


Hi @Gnarc

Doug the newbie here, welcome to the party… a word of warning, Snapmaker is addictive. it is 02:25am here in Australia and I have just finished a print and started another. Might try and get some beauty sleep hahahaha.
Enjoy your Snapmaker.



Hmm. Being beautiful or having fun. Such a choice! :thinking: Welcome Greg.