Beta Snapmaker review

This Post is about my first 2 days with a snapmaker.

Day 1
Had to pay 162€ tax for my snapmaker… Why am I ordering in China every time…
Unpacked the snapmaker. Looks nice… Setup was quite easy. So far so good… Too late to test the New toy. Lets go to bed.

Day 2
First file sliced and sd card in the printer. Calibration was easy. Now for the print. Pla cube went through smoothly. Yet some warping. Better Calibration needed I suppose…
WTF? I try to Calibration and the nozzle gets pushed down so Hard i cant move the paper… After tapping up like 15 Times I can barely move the paper. Did I calibrate That Bad in the first place?!
Again. Same Problem. Printer doesnt store calibration data.

Turning printer off for Lunch.
Turning it back on after Lunch… Strange noise… Troubleshooting. Seems like the bearing of the downward vent already gave up. Chinese quality… And you guys promised me top notch quality.

More to come, once I got a New vent in the electronics store.

Thank you for review Snapmaker. It’s quite strange to get so few review and feedback. Since from delivery track info shows that most of Beta bakers have recieved their machine. We hope more backer like you to give us feedback. so we can help you and improve Snapmaker. Gather more infos to help you solve problems.

  1. Have you followed this instruction to set Four corner point instead of just set one point.

  1. Strange noise, Is it the noise of Fan or Linear Modular. We don’t follow the meaning of ’ bearing of the downward vent’, Could you provide a video to help us locate the issue.

I don’t like your phrase Chinese quality?. It’s our responsibility to give you support. And of course you can state problem and judge. Critisizism are welcomed, which help us improve and become better. Have mutual respects, please. Be nice and have fun together.

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always remember that on a forum, no one can hear you chuckle sarcastically. so snarky comments can be taken very seriously even when they are not meant to be. :wink:

Well then lets Do the answers in order

  1. Yes i did all 4 Points according to the manual.
    To make Sure There is no mistake, I repeated the process several Times.
    I even Set the Points up into the air to Check my theory.
    There has to be an issue with the Firmware.

  2. There is a rattling noise in the Fan that faces the print. I unscrewed it and identified the noise as the axis of the Fan being loose. I Do have some experience with electric Motors, since i am an Electronics engineer. This Fan is a production failure.

Wether you like my comments or Not. I am giving honest and clear Feedback. If you want to truly improve and be better than the average, this is the Best that could Happen to you.
Honest words from someone who is skilled enough to Review Your product.
And yes. I am a little bit upset about such problems. I never expected the snapmaker to be perfect in beta state… But I did Not expect quality problems.
The Firmware can be fixed. I guess there was either a Problem during flashing my particular device or there is a little typo in the Firmware. This can be fixed easy.

However Parts failing after less than 30minutes operating time? Excuse me But thats just sad for a product that has been delayed for So long to “improve quality”.

To say something nice at least, I am impressed how how good the concept is.
The setup was done in minutes and the first calibration print was better than the one that came out of my prusa i3 clone. Good Job on that.

Dear sebi1987

I’m waiting for mine to deliver (should come in 2 days) - I’m getting nerveus when I hear that taxes have to be paid.
Sometimes this step takes up to 1 month. So I’ll go for cash today…

It sounds that you did choose the wrong measurement unit (i.e. 1 mm instead of 0,1 mm) at calibrating.
Hopefully nothing Special (taht you can’t get at a local shop) did break!

Yesterday I played a Little bit with the Snapmaker Software and Autodesk Fusion 360 and it was pretty fun.
Fusion 360 is the best free 3D-CAD I worked with! I’m used to Solid Edge and it is pretty similar.
I don’t know if it can load STEP files or something like that but I’ve managed to draw some parts nearly as fast as with Solie Edge (in synchronus - sequenced is very much faster for me).

Can’t wait to print my first objects!!!


I really appreciate your clear Feedback. Thanks for you time. I hope more people like you.
Only problem I have is the phrase you use. You can say bad quality. even word like ‘Crap’ which I am totally fine,
But Chinese Quality is not acceptable. Let’s pass this and move on.

Glad to hear that you are electronic engineer. I am software engineer. I think we can get along.


  1. Printer doesnt store calibration data. The expected behavior is that it will save your last configuration if you didn’t click save button in the bottom of the screen.
  2. Double check this issue with our colleague, step distance was set to 0.05. Yes. The calibration distance might need 1mm. That mean it might need to click 20 times to calibrate. We set step distance to 0.1mm before. But it’s not accurate enough to level the bed. We think it might me over-react to this issue by add step distance selector into screen since you only need to calibrate once after you change bed. This might change later. If we receive more feedback on this issue.

rattling noise of the fan

We do functional test to all toolhead. But it might have flaw or broke during logistic.
Glad that you report bad case so that we can do more test to make sure it doesn’t have flaws. Is the fan still working with sound? or can’t work totally.
Could you provide a video including sound, so our engineer can understand this issue more.
or could you arrange a Skype video call with our engineer? That would be appreciated.

Both doable. Skype or Video. Only i am working until 6pm Berlin time. So i won’t be able to Provide anything until then.
The Fan still does work if you tap it a few times while it starts turning. But i will still put a new one in, once I bought one.
The calibration did work fine when I did it the first time. I adjusted the bed after the first print and tried to calibrate again. Only that didnt work. (and still doesnt)

Look what I’ve found on the Internet :wink: :

And yes, I can understand both sides.
Chineese products aren’t this bad anymore but most of them you can’t compare to European (i.e. German) products. In Germany it is usual to order “with European and not Chineese ball bearings” - I can tell you since I’m working as an electrical drive engineer at SEW-EURODRIVE and I do hear this sentence at least twice a week.

But don’t feel too bad about this - I do have my experiences with Chineese products and I can only Name 1 Major defect where the Center hub of my 50ccm motorbike did brake during driving…
I own some items made in China I’m very satisfied with (my automatic watch was made in China and works perfectly!).

We are testing your product and will provide valueble data for you. I’m expecting a top Quality product and want to write only positive things about.

I am afraid Skype on weekdays is not practical since it’s midnight here after you get off work. How about 10:30 on Saturday morning?
About the 2 problems you mentioned before, I consulted the engineer and here is what I got:

  1. The machine can only remember the position of the first point of your last calibration.
  • If the nozzle pushed down too much at the 2nd point, that’s because the heated bed is not horizontal. You can tighten the screws at the 2nd and 3rd point and you will know what I mean.
  • If the nozzle pushes down too much at the first point, that is a real problem. Please try a few more times and let us know the results of the reproduction.
  1. The fan will only make noise when it is attached too tight or too loose. If the problem persists after you reassemble the fan, please take a video with the sound to us. Or we can see what’s wrong on Skype this Saturday.

I think I know why @sebi1987 crashed his printer head at calibration because I almost had a similar thing to manage.
When I mounted the Snapmaker the 2nd time (tried it out at my company) I did the reference setting again and this was the problem!
The settings have to be reset BEFORE starting a new calibration because when you hit the Point 1 button the printing head will move to the stored position - even when this point is below the heated bed…

@whimsycwd @walker
You should check if you can update the controller software…
I think this is a serious problem!

PS: Maybe you can open a section for Beta tester to report errors (Hardware / Software / Others) since I didn’t knew where to place this post.

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I second that motion. Now that they are being delivered, you’ll need several sub-sections, including Assembly, Calibration, …

How did you reset the calibration?

And yes we need a Beta-feedback section!

I understand that little “timing”-problem. Saturday morning should not be a problem.

About the fan. I even completely removed it from the case and started it up. Still the noise. When you tap it after it had time to gain some speed, the axis plops back into center and the fan will run.
It is definitely a problem with the axis itself. So it is definitely broken. Does work with a little gentle tapping though^^

Hi guys got the SM on Tuesday and set up Wednesday evening, 30 mins to unpack and put together, whilst reading the instructions. Unfortunately calibrated the 3D pls head with the content a4 card in the box, which caused issues whe. Trying to run the first print test.

Realised and re calibrated using a4 90g/sqm and worked fine, however need to understand what resistance I should be feeling on each point.

My controller is telling me that the heater bed is at 50 deg c but I am measuring surface temp at marginally above 35deg c.

I have successfully run origami carabiner which works and printed successfully, but have tried to run gyro air twice and as soon as this get to about 3mm high the printed work moves off the base and the print fails… am I doing something wrong???

However I have tried the laser etch and will send photo of what I etched, after some minor calibration issues with the laser it was generally easy to set up and get going, I just took a stock mandala photo with lots of detail and the result was excellent to my eye. I would say that the focus on the laser head by twisting was erratic and didn’t feel like a precision movement, however I am not sure what to expect.

So far so good apart from heater base and the gyro air…I await to hear your thoughts…

Looking forward to some time to get the CNC going…:wink:

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I didn’t. The nozzle just hit about 2 or 3 steps into the heated bed.

I just monitored the same noise at startup (after 2 days of use) of my printer.
It was gone after about 10 seconds but definitely from the fan on the print head!

For you other Beta-guys to know:

I Just had a pleasant Videocall with Rainie and several engineers in the middle of their well deserved weekend.
They DO care about our problems and they will solve them. I am more than convinced now.

I may have a pretty harsh tone now and then, BUT I really do appreciate the commitment of the Snapmaker Crew!
This is by any means NOT normal for the average Chinese company! At least it is not what I am used to.
The Snapmakers are inventive, creative and determined to satisfy their customers.

Conclusions from our Videocall:

  • Leveling function will get a revamp (reset Button will be added so you can reset the starting position to about 1cm above the Printing bed.

  • I will further investigate the problem with the fan and report to @Rainie wether using a higher quality fan will solve the problem or not.

  • Slicing-problems with Snapmaker3D are being investigated to improve Snapmaker3D

I will keep you guys up to date, so you see how much the team does care and react to feedback.
This is exactly what I am hoping for when funding a new project on Kickstarter!

Thank you @Rainie and Team for sacrificing your evening just to hear my complaints :blush:

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Sorry for the late response. I just got out of the meeting room for the weekly meeting!
@sebi1987 Thank you for your time for the videocall even you are busy these days! We try to make sure every beta adopters can have their Snapmaker function properly. So if you run into a problem, we will try our best to fix it. If we are not replying, that is because we are replying to other customers or dealing with other stuff that’s valuable to our future customers. Therefore, your patience is much appreciated when we are not reacting to your demand timely.
Come back to our videocall now… Thanks for the conclusions. Here are something I would like to add:

  • Yes, there will be a reset button on the touch screen for leveling. When you tap it, the nozzle will go to the starting point which is about 3mm above the heated bed. Also, there will be options such as 1 mm and 0.05 mm so that you can move the nozzle faster if it is too far away from the heated bed.

  • Thank you for helping us to figure out the problem.

  • Please send us the photos of the failed print, the 3D model (stl/obj file) and the gcode or the settings of the failed print. All these will help us reproduce the problem.

  • Thank you for mentioning the “Pause” function. I will tell the software engineer about it and reconsider its necessity.

It was a pleasant videocall! We will seize every chance to know more about our customers and their needs. Thank you for giving us this chance and have a nice weekend!

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Well done guys as, i have stated i am new to 3D printing, but do have some engineering experience, the levelling function dos seem intermittent as i have just spent 3/4 of an hour saving and then retesting, and every time i get a slightly different feel from the “paper test” likewise it may be as well to advise other what weight of A4 paper they should be using, i.e. 80g/sqm or 90g/sm. I am using a fila guage at present so consider this fairly accurate?? I like the sound of the pause option. i am just going to run the gyroair small again using a raft and using the custom settings and recommendations…

We will see in about 7h & 44mins ( iwill time to see how accurate… started @ 13.22 UK)

Just in case this won’t work, @Beardykeith
Why start with a really complex print in the first place?
I for example needed 2-3 tries with a 1x1cm xyz calibration-cube to get my settings for the slicing software right.
Once the cube came out nicely, I tweaked the settings to get a simple Box with fine walls out.
Then I notched it up a little and added steep slopes and overhang.
Right now I might be in the position to try out something like that gyro cube^^

Thanks seb…
Done a calibration test piece already and have run a few successful items, I am just running a small base tall piece ( labarynth box) which is already running/ building higher than the gyroair I may try the gyro again but may try a different model…