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Cary here and just got the printer a couple of days ago. Assembly was straight forward and was surprised with how solid it felt. Leveling the print plate was pretty easy, pay attention to details. :slight_smile: The loading of the filament was harder until I realized how much to press the load button. But all in all nice. Have done 2 prints already. Octacat and T-Rex skull. Both came out very nice. So after a failed experiment with another 3D printer, success. Now I just need a larger print bed. :slight_smile:

On to the other modules.



Hi @whitney

Welcome aboard; I am newbie to 3D printing, leaser etching and CNC engraving and you will find many of us are. I have used the laser and the printer with great results. I am yet to tackle the CNC. If you have not done so already, join Thingiverse (it’s free) and see a collection of Snapmaker projects submitted by talented users https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=snapmaker&sa=&dwh=705a96079492988

Keep having fun.



Hello my name is Max, and Snapmaker is my first 3D printer.
I use it for me and my friends just for fun. Maybe I will use the laser or/and cnc for business.

But now I have Problems… the … I look for the right forum…

grettings Max


Hello My name is Ron, from Phoenix Arizona, I have been using the 3d printer for several weeks now. Currently printing the state of Arizona, it is a very good test for the machine. Not able to use the laser as it has an issue with the firmware that they are working on. Hope they get is resolved so i can get back to laser stuff. Enjoy.


Hi @ronnelson8

We look forward to seeing a photo of the finished Arizona. I must look and see if I can find one of Australia to print.

Keep having fun.



Hi everyone. Printing from the DC area.


Hi Amazingswami,

Welcome aboard.



Hi there! I’m Welmoed, in Maryland. I backed the Snapmaker on a whim; I had backed the Tiko which didn’t honor their shipments and was really bummed; I was worried this would be the same but I am hopeful I will be getting my own unit soon (I should be in the next batch shipping out).

I have a background in graphic arts, and love to tinker with new tech. My day job is as a home inspector, and I want to make things like giveaways for customers and maybe some custom tool holders. I also want to make gifts for people. I just like being creative! I’ve gotten a taste of laser etching with a Glowforge Pro that belongs to a maker club I’m in. I’m hooked!

In my copious free time, I also design my own clothing using a CAD program, and sew most of my clothes. I hope to integrate 3D printed fabrics and elements into my designs. I look forward to meeting the folks on this forum as we explore all the things our new toys can do!


Hi @welmoed

Welcome to the party.

We are having fun.



Hello from Arizona. This was going to be my first 3d printer but it took so long to arrive that it is my third.
I am enjoying printing with this printer. The print quality is very good. I can’t wait to start playing with the carving module.


Hello @TwoWeims

Welcome to the party. I am a newbie and have been having a great time with the printer and the laser. I am yet to tackle the CNC.

Keep having fun



Hi! I am Chris from Austria! I received my printer about two weeks ago. I am very excited about it, I love the quality and features of it. I am very new to 3D printing and laser engraving, so every time I do something I am on one side very excited, on the other side I fear that I damage something. Hope to not break it soon :slight_smile:


Hello @patch

Doug the newbie here. Take small steps. i spent a week playing with the laser on 150gsm white card; I did B&W and then Grey-scale. Played with settings to see cause & effect.

On the 3D printer, I started with the default settings in Snapmaker3D and printed a number of Snapmaker related projects from Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=snapmaker&sa=&dwh=645a9bfd4d30dd6

I then started using the Custom settings and slowly altering a few values. You will not break anything.

It is great fun. I have made some lithophanes this weekend. There are many good hints and suggestions in the Snapmaker from some talented and experienced users and even the newbies experiences may be of assistance to you.

I have yet to try the CNC engraver; that will be in the next week.

Keep having fun



Hi! Im Banished (Greg) from NY. I just got my Snapmaker assembled and up and running. I am a Pen Turner and hoping to use the CNC and Laser for engraving and embellishing my pens. The 3d Printer is an added bonus and I’m sure my wife will use this to create some great stuff.



I’m GlennJ and just opened my Snapmaker. I’m having trouble getting the first layer to stick and that’s the driver for this initial visit.

I’m in my late 60’s, work a lot in wood and just built cherry kitchen cabinets for the house. I got the Snapmaker in order to try new things.

While I have no idea what I’m going to make my friends all have projects. The cook wants to make chocolates, the model builder wants small scale car parts, the metal caster wants properly scaled moldings. I’ll have no shortage of projects.

I also snow ski and motorcycle, both on and off pavement. My first project is some D&D fantasy figures for the friend who games.


Hi @GlennJ

Doug the newbie here mid 60’s
Basics first, have you calibrated the platform? I do this each time I turn the Snapmaker on for printing use.
I have found that using the RAFT option under Adhesion works a treat

Adhesion can be a bit of a black art depending on the filament types, bed temperatures, speeds of movement etc



I have just received my Snapmaker, and is highly impressed. The product, packaging and instructions sets a new benchmark.

Over the coming weeks I will familiarize myself with this new tool - its not a toy.

Best regards



Doug the newbie here; you are correct it is not a toy; it is a Dragon with an eye that burns, a mouth that spews captivating plastics and a claw that will carve you up.

Keep having fun with your Snapmaker, I am

I have used the laser, 3D printer over the last month and about to tackle the CNC



Hi, everyone,

I’m Fei, I’m a structure designer for satellites, and a HAM, too. This machine is both for me and my little girl.
So glad to be here.


Hello @darksail

Welcome to the party