Firmware update

I am getting error messages that I need to upgrade the firmware every time I change modules. I just put on the new 3D printing module, and got the error message. So, I downloaded the firmware, unpacked the zip file, saved it to a USB thumb drive, and tried to load it on the machine. Now it’s giving me error messages “FabScreen has stopped” WTF?

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Which file did you download, can you link to it? FabScreen will crash when you try and load an invalid firmware file (doesn’t have any error handling)

The correct file is found here:

The latest firmware at the top of that list is Snapmaker2_V1.13.2.bin and does not get extracted as it’s not a zip file.

The first firmware update I tried was GD32 Base 2.11 This is the one that caused the error. After that, I went back and found V1.13.2 I loaded that and it’s printing now. I’ll be keeping my eye on it

That’s for the Original machine

Got it. Copy and concur!