Outdated module (3D Printing Module) firmware detected

I get this message when my Snapmaker is not connected to the Luban software on my computer. I’ve updated the firmware to V1.14.2_20220113. When I try to update the firmware via the Snapmaker’s phone console, I get the message “Latest version already installed”. I do not see any separate firmware files for the 3D printer module. How do I fix this?

Have to repeat doing the update from usb with each toolhead connected separately.
Firmware files from this forum.


Do I download https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/snapmaker.com/download/firmware/Snapmaker2_V1.14.2.bin to a USB and then run the update again? Are there instructions on how to run the firmware locally?

When i put that .bin on a USB and connected it to the Snapmaker, I cannot access the USB through the files. The app on the phone keeps crashing. When I plug in the USB it says USB connected succesfully.

Update: I used a different USB and this one allowed me to access the .bin file. I followed the directions in the manual: https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/snapmaker.com/download/manual/Snapmaker2_User_Manual_EN_V1.1.0.pdf