My Machine will not update

Finding many issues 3d printing, I find that my machine is running I have NO IDEA how to actually update this thing. Here is what I have done:

Attempted to update over Wifi, swipe left, click settings, there is no “firmware update” button. Im assuming this is too old based off looking at the 3-4 missing updates that the machine does not give this option.

Attempted to update over USB: Downloaded the .bin file for 1.10.1. I formatted a USB stick, Copied the bin over, Plugged the usb into the controller, Went to files, USB. says nothing is there…

I attempted with a different USB stick, Same issue…

I looked at old updates. only video or documentation on this subject is for the original Snapmaker, So i renamed the update to update.bin, Plugged into the machine, reset the machine, Nothing.

I attempted to download because that is the next one on the list, maybe i have to install in order… Nothing…

Is there a 2nd usb port on this machine im missing??? What do i have to do to try and update the machine to see if i can fix some of my 3d printing issues.


Hi There. I also had some issues updating firmware when I first got it. You’re right, WiFi firmware updates were added later.
I ended up having to use a different USB stick. No matter how I formatted it the first stick I used never worked - it’s a bit finicky I guess?
You’re not missing a 2nd USB port.
Here’s another topic about this: Discussion of Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates.


Thank you sir…

You’re a gentleman and a Scholar.

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Ha, you’re welcome. Please update if you get it working.

The USB stick needs to be formatted using FAT32.

This has been fixed. Now updated to the latest version. Thank you!