"Failed to connect, invalid authentication" after Luban 4.3.0 upgrade

I’ve been printing without issue on my A350 for months but just upgraded to 4.3.0 and now Luban can’t connect. The Snapmaker is definitely on the wifi and I’ve tried to reconnect manually with it’s IP but I keep getting the same thing:

“Failed to connect, invalid authentication”

It doesn’t even think about it, just fails. have no idea where to start with this and I didn’t find any support for this particular problem.

Any thoughts? Can I roll back to a older version?

Yes, just roll back to an older version.
I’m on mac, so don’t know if it’s different on a pc, but I always keep the older version and just add the version to the name. You’ll find that SM more often than not releases versions of Luban that have just as many bugs as the older ones. Just different ones for you to discover. Think of it like an adventure…

I actually still just use 3.14.0 since I don’t have any upgrades or rotary module.


Ha! I just rolled back versions and came back here to update the post. Uninstalled 4.3.0 and reinstalled 4.2.3 and we’re back in business. Cheers!