Easy way to switch build plates

If you change between 3D, laser, and CNC with any frequency, it’s a bit of a pain to do all those bed screws. Haven’t seen this rather obvious solution posted, so: Get some of those thin ‘refrigerator magnet’ strips, there are many listed on AZ, but check the thickness. Thin is good. Attach to the back of each laser plate and to the CNC plate. Leave your machine set up for 3D and just plop the other plates onto your magnetic 3D plate. Even the CNC plate doesn’t get enough force on it to move it. Only possible downside, you might have minor leveling issues, but so far the strips I used have been fine, apparently dimensionally consistent enough. And, for something like CNC engraving, a thousandth here and there makes no real difference. Laser prints are coming out fine also.


Could you post some pictures of that setup.
Seems like a convenient solution.

Sure, I’ll try to post them this weekend. It’s really pretty simple.

Great, thanks!
Looking forward to it.

I think I get it, but pics always help :slight_smile:

Ok, here are some pics. Works fine for me. If you want to go more fancy and expensive, get a couple of 3D print sheets from Snapmaker and epoxy to them. Assuming I can actually post the pics…

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I only picked the strips you see because AZ offered next-day delivery, and they were pretty thin.

Thanks for posting the pics!

Looks interesting! :slight_smile:

But be careful screwing the clamps into the CNC wasteboard… You can damage the heated bed with the screws.

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Right, which is why I leave the build plate on, which I advise.

What thickness is this product? That dimension is covered up in the pic.

I cannot tell if that is professional magnetic strips 6" x 1" x 0.08" … or 0.28", or 0.38"?

.08 seems very thin. And .28 seems very thick.

I’m brand new so please forgive the confusion. By “the build plate” what is meant? Is this a 3D print thing? Or CNC thing? Or engraver thing?

Is this brand the same as you bought? If so, I’m having trouble finding a product listing of the dimensions shown in the product pic above.

Update: I think I may have found the listing of the same product:

Yes, that’s the one. But again, not critical, I just went for cheap, thin. Also I want to be sure people understand I leave the print sheet on, it’s steel, so the mag strips stick to it, and it protects the heated bed. I’ve done laser and CNC using this, both worked fine.

Ah, I think I now understand. You remove the magnetic bed used for 3D, as it’s the part that has the heater in it, and you leave the sturdy metal bed that it’s normally attached to. Thank you so much. Great help!

Do you have an example of something you CNC milled using the magnetic attachement? I find it hard to believe that when CNCing there isnt enough lateral force to shift the magnetically attached wasteboard

I did the sample that came with the Snapmaker, the cell phone holder. Came out perfectly. I’m sure if you took heavy cuts, you could shift it, but a 1.5mm end mill doesn’t exert much force. It provides enough grip for what I’m doing, mostly text engraving on panels.

No, leave the magnetic bed that has the bed heater, leave the 3D print sheet, the magnets adhere to the print sheet.