New Laser Platform

I would love to see a version of the laser platform that attaches to the magnets on the heated bed. Would may switching tasks much quicker.


a couple dabs of superglue on some spring steel? Or double stick Scotch tape? That’s a good idea. Something like this


Good point, I think I may try that.

Late to the thread, but mounting the laser diffusion plates on steel is a great idea. I noticed that the link on amazon is about $25 and comes in two pieces. If you are looking for a perfect fit and a nice finish, why not buy a replacement bed directly from snapmaker?

I suggest this because I just bought a backup when I accidentally cut into the surface of my original. I simply flipped it upside down to keep using it, but now i have a backup And if I ever mess up the back surface, it’s going to become a backing plate for my laser plates to make swapping the beds SUPER simple (“lift and shift”).

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