Discussion of Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates

a month of waiting for the new firmware to have very few changes and, apparently, new bugs … :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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@Askbruzz, firmware is a tricky thing, you can always roll it back if your having trouble, and remember these things take time. i’m just happy that the team is continuing to work on it.


Suggestion: on CNC module. Let users move the plate and bit manually - without starting a project.


  • I would like to “bring the plate” forward when preparing the stock
  • Once it’s finished, I’d like to tell the bit to “go home” so there’s room to get the stock out
  • I like to prepare my stock, home position etc while waiting for my software to compile the G-Code.

At the moment, I made an “single line” project and I’m leaving it in the interface - so I “start” this project all the time just to access the manual moving of the head and plate.


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Suggestion CNC: support the “manual tool change” G-Code from Autodesk Fusion

You’ll carve in 3 passes, with 3 different bits. The manual tool change code in Autodesk lets you pause the process and provide warning to change bit and calibrate.
I tested the code and snapmaker simply ignores it. It goes on to the next step.

Results: you need to “start a project” for every passes that you have where a tool change is needed. Would be nice it that wasn’t the case.


Same exact issue. Job stops at 99% with nozzle still on job. Clicking on STOP just results in a choice of STOP and PAUSE and neither work. STOP is in Red by the way.
Also have noticed my gantry is becoming very HOT after the update. Almost too hot to touch even after a 30 minute print! Hope that this update did not result in any issues there as well… Any one else notice this?

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Hey @JohnFiott, I have no print-stops at 99%, may you update your luban to the latest version from the forum and try again?
Here is the actual thread about this:

Latest vers. of Luban:

@xchrisd The stop at 99% occurred AFTER I upgraded to 1.10.
I have now gone back to 1.9 until they resolve this.
I have not printed anything after reverting to 1.9 though as I am worried about my gantry temperature issue. I will wait for the Snapmaker support team to respond before proceeding with any print. I have an A350 by the way.

By the way, Luban is not the same like firmware…
Luban is the Slicer which creates the gcode for your machine to proceed.

I think it is a gcode/Slicer issue, because other people, including me, are using a different Slicer and have no problem.
So, update your luban and try again.

I have LUBAN 3.8 which I think is the latest…but I really want to move to CURA asap.

Hi slurpey, actually Snapmaker already support this function, you can control the bit and plate in the Home Page --> Control–>jog mode

Hi slurpey,
sorry our machine ignore the code. To solve the problem, could you please send the original file and Gcode to this email : tedchen@snapmaker.com

Yesterday I also run in the 99% problem with firmware 1.10.0.
It’s not the slicer since it is one of my working files I’ve sliced with Simplify3D.


Please connect the machine with the PC via the provided USB cable and launch the Snapmaker Luban. Open the console and enter some command “M2000” to check the working status of the machine.

Send the screenshot of the info to us.

This may be a bug of the firmware V1.10, but we need to make it more clear.

Best regards

Ran into another 99%-problem

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Same happened to me. Just stopped at 99%…

Hello… I have the same problem (stopped al 99%) with the latest firmware, I went back to the previous one and that problem was removed.

Firmware and Touchscreen Request:
Tool change mode to easily change the toolhead. Need the enclosure light on and the tool head in service position, no machine-failure when unplugging the tool-head.

@JKC20 @Edwin


I have run into the same issue on my last two prints. I have only done three prints on 1.10 and the first completed without any issues. I have seen this issue reported on Facebook as well.

I will send a message to support.

I was just going to write the exact same post :smiley:

The tool chage possition could be programable so that the machine knows my preferd possition.

Hi Chris, toolhead change is limited by the controller and it is recommended not to hot swap the toolhead when the machine is on, as it is also dangerous to do so considering the machine has a large electric current and the toolheads consume a lot of power.