X-Axis linear module only moves right

I originally posted my issue in a response to someone who had a fault on Y-Axis on this Forum but thought it might help others who are new to SM like myself as no issue matched exactly to my description below and I need a little help to get me started.

• Newly assembled A250 machine.
• Switched on for first time on weekend.
• ran bed calibration for first time.
• when X is at :house: position it will go :arrow_right: through point :one:-:two:-:three:
• Y will successfully move the bed :arrow_up: through :four:-:five:
• X :no_entry_sign:return :arrow_left: through :six:-:seven: (effectively leaving it in position :five:)
• Y will successfully move the bed down :arrow_down: for :eight: (effectively position 4)
• X will travel :arrow_right: off the bed for point :nine:(a very brief whirring crunch noise happens before it stops and lowers for final calibration point which doesn’t register as it’s no longer above the bed)
• I switch off to manually move X :back: to :house: .

Any tips for Troubleshooting steps? (Thankfully it’s the single axis that’s the easiest to disassemble)
I see the linear module faults are not that rare and some mention replacement. I’m hoping it can be self repaired and I see there is a video for resetting the bracket - Is this a reasonable diagnosis for the movement description above?

reset_bracket.mp4 - Google Drive

  • First, use command “M119” to check the end-stop switch of the linear module via USB serial port.
  • Second, you can remove the cover at the end of linear module and check if there is too much grease.

Read this article carefully before you remove the cover.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

It seems to be as you’ve said. So I’ll follow the rest of the instructions and report back on any success

So, taken off the end and looked at the switch. I couldn’t see any excess grease around the switch although there is some on the thread shaft near the switch.

I did just check the switch was free and screwed the end back on.

I got the right result now on the check . So it was the problem.


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Mein Problem ist analog, nur in der Y-Achse meines A350. X fährt in 1 - 2 - 3 und dann bleibt Y in dieser Position stehen. Auf dem Touchscreen werden weitere Positionen angezeigt und dann Fährt Y mit lautem Geräusch in die Y- Endposition. Beim Einschalten des A350 funktioniert nur der START beim automatischen Nivellieren auf dem Touchscreen, aber keine anderen Bedienfunktionen.
Getauscht habe ich bisher den Controller, Y- Converter und das Y- Conversion- Cable, und dass systematisch mit abfahren der Achsen. Ich bin noch nicht ganz verzweifelt, da ich auf Hilfe in dieser Community hoffe. Vielleicht weiß jemand, wie ich den Touchscreen und den Controller zurücksetzen und dann anschließend eine funktionierende Software aufsetzen kann???
Grüße von Erich

Contact support@snapmaker.com and send some pictures or videos to the support, my colleagues will help you on this issue.