Linear Module Issue?

What’s the issue here? It’s causing issues with my print quality. I tried to fix the issue by cleaning the module. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module. It has this stutter or jerk consistently… I’ve only had my unit for a week now at most. It’s had this issue since day 1 but I didn’t immediatly notice it or think it was an issue. I submitted a support ticket but I was wondering if anyone else has similar issues?


Same issues as this thread: "Bump" in Y-axis

Reach out to support, you’ll likely need to get replacement rails.

Alternatively, you can measure all of your rails and pair 2 that travel the same length on the Y axis. The problem is poor quality control of the leadscrew in the module, and they don’t travel the same distance, causing binding.


Hi @Marischen,

I got this issue. Please contact and make the title as “Attention Edwin” .



I reached out and put the subject line as requested.


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