Y-axis is not moving

Hi Guys!.

I have installed my A350 and connected my laser module. Y-Axis doesn’t move. I am yet to buy an enclosure. The X , Z axis is moving!.

I am missing anything?? TIA for your help.

Some questions to help you debug.

  • Are all your cables connected correctly? (Please doublecheck)
  • Does it make any noise when you try to move the Y-axis, or is it just dead?
  • When the power is off, can you move the bed along the y-axis by pushing/pulling?
  • Try switching the Y-cables and Z-cables, does the Y-axis move then and is the Z-axis not moving?
  • Are all your cable connected correctly? (yes doublecheck again)
  • Are they plugged in in the right connector on the controller?

I too am having this issue.
cables are connected correctly
no noise at all, just dead
when power is off, can move bed by push and pull
switched cables and y axis moves, z axis doesn’t move
checked cables again, all connected correctly
all plugged in correctly on controller

Is it the first time you use your machine?
Try to check the linear modules axis by axis, this means disassemble your heated bed and your platform.
Unplug one Y axis linear module and check if the other one works.- you could do the same procedure by unplugging the splitter-module and directly plugging the linear module to an port of the controller.

Control the linear modules by Luban or jog mode of the touchscreen.

Unfortunately you will have to contact support when you have found a defective axis.

Thank you for your reply. Waiting for support to get back to me.