A350 Y-Linear noise

A350 Y-Linear noise

i have alreadyset up 3 times but always have noise in Y-linear

y linear video

what’s happen~

Double check your cable connections. Make sure that the rails are plugged into the correct converters and then into the correct ports on the controller.

Where is your bed plugged in? Or is it currently unplugged?
Because on mine the power supply is just above the hand controller plug and then above that is the heated bed.

Otherwise you may have a bad limit switch:

Or you may have a bad rail and need to contact support.

use Serial Port can not connection

change wifi connection ok

use wifi connection and control x,z ok but can’t control y , y always show 0.000 mm

this is line conect

For usb connection you may need to install drivers on your computer:


Wi-fi can send commands but you only get responses with the serial/mini-usb connection.


i am so glad computer can response order

all axis show open but y axis the same can’t control

If your Z axis behaves normal, disassemble your bed and platform and connect a single linear module one by one to the controller and see if both modules work correctly.
Your homing position should be in the front.

Sorry for the late reply.

  • Remove the heated bed and the plat from from the Y axes.
  • Push the Y axes sliders to the foremost manually when the machine is powered off.
  • Connect the machine with your PC via the USB cable and select the serial port.
  • Input command M1999 to reboot the machine and get the booting log. You can see the linear modules’ information there.
  • Input command G28, and observe if the sliders will move to their home positions.

If any linear modules do not move, try to swap their ports on the controller when the machine is off. Control the linear modules via the touchscreen and you can see if the controller is faulty.